Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Voter Id
Voting is a privilege and a right for all law-abiding citizens. Today some politicians are advocating for illegal immigrants and felons to vote. Many of these disenfranchised and non-citizens have little allegiance to our nation. File photo: Rob Crandall, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Our representative republic depends on voter integrity. If voting becomes a farce, citizens will lose faith in their vote as meaningful. Our U.S. institutions should be directed by citizens voting for the politicians with similar ideas to represent them. “The voice of the people” will end along with U.S. citizens’ rights and freedoms if voting becomes a farce.

The argument between voter suppression and cheating is ridiculous. The suppression of black votes was ended by Rev. Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Our government passed numerous laws to assure any citizen of any race or ethnic background would be able to vote their conscience.

Many states have extended the times and days for people to vote. Any voter harassment expressed to an election official would be addressed or the official would be dismissed. The two-year Corona epidemic was used by the democrats to give even more accessibility to voters while disregarding any safeguards against fraudulent results.

Voting is a privilege and a right for all law-abiding citizens. In the establishment of our nation, people had to have “skin in the game,” such as being an established landowner. Today some politicians are advocating for illegal immigrants and felons to vote. Many of these disenfranchised and non-citizens have little allegiance to our nation.

Suppression of cheating is in every legal citizen’s best interest. Every incident of fraud erases a legal voters vote and puts into jeopardy the results of any election. Once citizens lose faith in the voting process, our nation will lose its legitimacy. Destroying belief in our voting system is an incremental coup that will crush our nation.

The rejection of an official photo ID would be a travesty. This requirement of citizens to show an ID takes place every day. Photo IDs need to be shown when entering a hospital, buying liquor, cashing checks, renting a car, booking a hotel or even when visiting a doctor. In the United States a person could not conduct business or get a job without showing an official ID.

In 2005 the Carter-Baker Law proposed a uniform photo ID and suggested absentee voting increased the likelihood of fraud. Almost two decades later the democrat party in unison is pushing the opposite of these recommendations. Many democrat dominated states are attempting to adopt similar non-photo ID laws, although they have been warned it would enhance fraud.

These democrat representatives should be reminded that many European nations have decided to establish restrictive laws to ensure voter integrity. After Birmingham, England had an expose’- that showed that 100,000 dead people voted and voter buying schemes had created massive voter fraud England has now instituted voter identification laws to curtail such fraud. Thirty five out of forty-seven nations now require voters to show up in person with a voter ID to even pick up an absentee ballot. In a good portion of the rest of the world nations are attempting to strengthen voter laws. In a 2021 survey Rasmussen survey found that 81% of Americans support a voter ID requirement.

It is unbelievable that partisan Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerburg, spent $410 million “Zuckerbucks” for nonprofit leftwing groups to influence the 2020 election results. These groups staffed local election government offices that oversaw registering, vote counting, and mass mailing vote efforts in democrat strongholds. The most egregious democrat interference in the elections was the Center for Technical and Civic Life (CTCL) run by ex-Obama staffers who were allowed to “cure,” ballots, which determined the validity of ballots.

The state of Wisconsin kept 234,000 invalid ballots after they were ordered by the court to remove them. It is obvious that elections should be administered by government officials not by private tech, pro democrat operatives. Any partnership between government and political operatives should be lawfully punished. Currently there has not been any legal prosecution of Zuckerberg or his staff although 16 states have restricted him from again bankrolling public elections.

No political operatives should be allowed to assist any government official to do any voter tabulation or interfere with their duties. Non-profit outsourcing of vote tabulation should end. Any strategies of corrupting our voting system must be lawfully prosecuted the legal system. It must be done to retain our freedom.

Our election integrity is under attack. The most effective way to begin this protection of our elections is to ensure the voter is who they say they are by demanding a voter identification process. One vote for each citizen can be established by photo identification. Anything less than every state requiring a valid photo ID will call into question election integrity and the viability of our free republic.

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