Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Editor’s note: “My Story” is where business executives share their personal and professional backgrounds and journeys that have made them who they are, in their own candid words, from the challenges of confronting stereotypes to the glory in overcoming them. Amid calls for racial justice, we can only make real change with greater awareness and understanding — and the ability to learn from each other’s experiences.

I was prepared for racism. My dad had dealt with police brutality growing up. My grandma and my great aunts had worked for white people ironing their clothes and housekeeping. So I was prepared to understand what racism was. Understand what prejudice was.

However, I was not as prepared for the culture surrounding sexual harassment and sexism and what it would mean for your body to be a part of your professional experience.

I’ve been sexually harassed in almost every job I’ve ever worked. I’m not sure I knew what sexual harassment was because the sexual harassment…

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