Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Ottawa has approved the continued maintenance of Russian pipeline equipment after talks with Berlin

German-based Siemens has been granted permission from Canada to repair five more turbines for Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline at a factory in Montreal, where it regularly sends equipment for repairs and maintenance, the Globe and Mail reported on Wednesday, citing government sources.

According to the report, the turbines for the pipeline can be repaired over the next two years, but Canada has the right to withdraw the permit for the repairs at any time.

The report also says the Siemens turbine that was stuck in Canada due to Ukraine-related sanctions on Russia has already left the country and is on its way to Germany. Once there, it will be handed over to Russian representatives, allowing Canada to avoid violating its own sanctions by using an indirect delivery route.

Canada initially refused to return the turbine, as it regarded the equipment as a dual-use product subject to sanctions. The situation forced Russian gas exporter Gazprom to slash exports to Germany by as much as 60%, as the station was technically unable to pump gas at normal levels while short one turbine, and with several others in need of repair. However, after negotiations with Berlin, Ottawa decided to return the turbine earlier this week.

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