Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline has stopped pumping gas to the region due to scheduled maintenance

European energy companies have started using gas from underground storage facilities to make up for supplies lost due to maintenance work on Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

According to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), 85.5 million cubic meters of natural gas were withdrawn from German UGS facilities on July 12.

This exceeded the injection level for the first time since the beginning of April, data showed.

The largest withdrawals were made by German energy major Uniper, Austrian OMV and Norwegian Equinor.

Earlier, Uniper said it did not rule out having to take gas from UGS facilities and reduce supplies as early as this week, while OMV announced a decrease in gas deliveries to Austria by about 70% amid the shutdown.

The situation has been exacerbated by production problems in Norway, Europe’s second largest natural gas supplier after Russia. Equinor’s Sleipner gas field in the North Sea was forced to temporarily halt production this week due to multiple leaks.

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