Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Russia’s share of Italy’s gas imports has dropped by 37% over the past six months

Italy has overtaken Germany in terms of cutting Russian gas imports, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

According to the outlet, which cites daily transport data from the Italian energy infrastructure company SNAM, Russia’s share of Italy’s gas imports has fallen from 40% to 25% over the past six months.

In comparison, Germany, Europe’s largest economy, still depends on Russian gas for around 35% of its imports, the report states.

Following the launch of the Russian military operation in Ukraine back in February, the Italian authorities made a strategic decision to find alternative sources of fuel, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi told reporters on July 12.

Italy cannot be in a situation of geopolitical dependence. This is unacceptable. We acted quickly,” Draghi said.

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