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Numbers confirm our worst suspicions about big-screen comedies. When was the last gut-busting feature that rocked the box office? Remember the film “There’s Something About Mary.” Sure, animated films are often humorous, and some MCU films deliver laughs along with superhero action. But even this content can be dubious.

Some of the old comedies, even a decade ago, couldn’t be made today.

Podcast giant Joe Rogan said as much last year that woke has killed comedy. Joe Rogan suggests that the new comedy rulebook, unofficial but binding, makes adult humor a challenge. Check out his comments in the below video.

But now we have the facts to back up Rogan’s assertions. Check on the following chart showing the general box-office same and the specific genre of comedy and learn more here.

US box office Comedy

In the chart below is another view of this data from another source.

US box office Comedy 2Making edgy jokes is extremely risky for an aspiring comedian or producer of entertainment. It can be career-ending if one makes the wrong comment or scene. Hence, any comedy made today will need to be real “milk toast” from now on – which may make it not even worth watching. The comedy will need to be tailored to the new “Nerf ball” and “snowflake” generations.

Is comedy a victim of woke culture? Give us your take in the comment section below.

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