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When it comes to advertisement and design there’s no shortage of options to pick from. Whether it’s a Twitter ad campaign, a beautiful mural for a foundation, or a mixed media campaign that invites people to partake in both the real world and online. However just because we have so many options now it doesn’t mean we should overlook the classics, and that’s where large format printing comes in.

If you’ve ever seen a large banner, a business header, or a window graphic in your life then all of those were achieved through large format printing, and if you still remember them to this day then that shows how efficient they are at their job. So if you are interested in discovering what large format printing services near me can do for you and your business in Las Vegas, read on to find out.

What is large format printing?

Think for a second about your home or office printer, it has a maximum size right? While the exact paper size can vary from model to model and brand to brand, most of them will take a single sheet of paper tops. That’s how most people understand printers, and that’s where large format printing comes in to make a difference.

Large format printing is quite simply the process of printing on surfaces that are larger than what average printers can do. Those plastic standees that tell you today’s menu? Large format printing. The elaborate window decals you see in the main avenues in Las Vegas? Large format printing. The large banners you see while driving? Well, you probably guessed it by now.

Large format printing is at its core just printing on a larger scale. However since it does require specialized equipment which is generally too expensive for sporadic use, most people rely on dedicated printing business for all of their large-scale needs.

All About Large Format Printing

What benefits does large format printing bring?

Ultimately it’s all about efficiently conveying visual information, but that on its own is far more important than it sounds. Scientists now believe that humans can process visual information up to 60,000 times faster than text, and that’s huge for advertisement purposes.

First and foremost it means that people are far, far more likely to remember anything they saw in a visual medium over something they read, so large banners and displays have a much better shot at making your brand memorable than compelling text. On top of that it also means that we are just all the more likely to get interested in something if it’s a visual stimulus, and the larger it is the more likely we are to turn our heads around.

So visual advertisement is just more efficient in general because it’s likely to make people get interested, and once they do their brains will ingrain the information much, much faster than if you’d have shared a brochure. On top of that as humans, we are naturally interested in larger and more spectacular sights, so a vibrant and expansive print is once again more likely to be noticed than a small A4 poster, and all of these factors keep stockpiling to make large format printing one of the most reliable ways to generate attention towards your brand while investing next to nothing compared to what a full ad campaign would cost.

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