Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The City of Alexandria’s new school zone speed camera program launches Monday, with cameras placed in three locations.

Speed cameras will be located in the following places:

  • Francis Hammond Middle School (Seminary Road, between Kenmore Avenue and North Jordan Street)
  • John Adams Elementary School and Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School (North Beauregard Street, between North Highview Lane and Reading Avenue)
  • George Washington Middle School (Mount Vernon Avenue, between Braddock Road and Luray Avenue)

The speed cameras will only be active when school speed limit signs are flashing, according to a news release from the Virginia city. Each school zone is about a quarter mile long and has a 15 mph speed limit.

Signs will be posted to let drivers know when they are entering a speed camera zone. Tickets for violations will be $100.

The official kickoff of the program comes after the city conducted two warning periods, one in the spring of 2022 and one this year from Aug. 21 to Sept. 15.

During the warning periods, drivers who sped in the camera zones received warnings in the mail. The city logged more than 3,500 warnings across three locations during the spring 2022 period.

The Alexandria City Council first approved an ordinance authorizing the use of speed cameras in school and work zones in October 2022. Funding for five speed cameras was included in this fiscal year’s budget.

The city selected the speed camera locations based on factors including crash history, traffic volumes, vehicle speeds and age and number of students, according to the news release. A map indicating where the cameras will be placed is below.

A map indicating where Alexandria’s new school zone speed cameras are located. (Courtesy City of Alexandria)

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