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Scott Connolly has been jailed (Image: Merseyside Police)

A father told his ex-partner that he was “Satan” before launching brutal attack which was only brought to an end when a pizza delivery man arrived.

Scott Connolly, 38, snuck into his former girlfriend’s home while she was putting her children to bed, before throttling her and kicking her over and over again as she lay helpless on the kitchen floor.

The man from Huyton also vowed to “snap the spine” of his ex’s new boyfriend and put him “in a wheelchair”, during a vicious tirade via text.

Liverpool Crown Court heard on Tuesday that Connolly had been in a relationship with the woman, who the Liverpool Echo has not named, for approximately eight years.

The pair also have two children together.

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Liverpool Crown Court

Liverpool Crown Court (Image: Google)

The violent Merseyside man’s new partner “seemed to anger” Connolly, according to prosecutor Michael O’Brien.

He fired her a slew of abusive messages at his ex between July 2 and 4, saying: “I’m f***ing satan. That c*** on his Facebook, in a relationship.

“Is he, yeah? The nonce, when I get hold of him he’ll be in a wheelchair.”

The maddened ex-boyfriend also branded the man who enjoyed his former girlfriend’s affection a “cancer patient” and a “cancer nonce”.

During the sharp-tongued verbal assault, Connolly, of Mardale Road, also said: “I won’t stop until I hurt him. I’m going to snap your skinny c***’s spine.

On the fateful night when Connolly launched his vile attack, the victim had been out for the day with her new partner, getting home around 6:30pm.

Connolly had been looking after the children in that time and dropped them home, but slipped into the property when the complainant was putting the kids to bed.

When the complainant came back downstairs, around 7:45pm, she was confronted with Connolly standing in her kitchen.

The thug quickly “became abusive”, grabbing her by the throat and “lifting her off the floor and dragging her around”.

Savagely, he punched her multiple times and shoved her to the floor, kicking her as she lay there. Chillingly, he said: “You’re not going to call the police, are you?”

The brutality was only interrupted upon the arrival of a pizza delivery man, which Connolly had ordered.

Despite the arrival of his dinner, the depraved Liverpudlian continued to kick his former partner as she lay prone. He repeated his question: “You’re not going to call the police, are you?”

The rotund bald man stopped the violent episode for a second time when he heard police sirens and escaped out the back door.

His brutishness had caused “extensive” bruising to the victim’s arms and body.

In a sick and cynical manoeuvre, Connolly headed voluntarily to Huyton Police Station and told detectives under interview that the victim’s injuries “must have occurred as a result of her having rough sex with her partner”.

Connolly has previous convictions for assault occasioning actual bodily harm against two other women with whom he was in a relationship – one in 2006 and the other in 2011.

The first incident saw him receive a community order after smashing a glass and taking his ex’s throat. This came after weeks of threatening calls.

He was jailed for 18 months for the second incident, which was altogether more violent. The animal headbutted and repeatedly punched another partner in the face.

Julian Nutter, defending, told the court: “He wishes to apologise for what he has done. He is showing the body language, at least, of remorse.

“What he has done is attack the mother of his own children, and he is deeply sorry for that. If anything, it can be described as a relapse as he has been out of trouble since 2011.

“He started getting involved in the excessive consumption of drink, and he has now addressed that. Things are starting to turn around.

“He has realised what a fool he has been. It is his intention to put this behind him and support his family the best he can.

“Not only has he caused injury to this lady, he has destroyed his own life and his own family life. He is reflecting daily as to the implications of that.”

Connolly admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and harassment. He was sent to prison for 16 months and slapped with a seven-year restraining order from his ex-partner.

Sentencing, Recorder Simon Killeen said: “You resort to serious violence upon women who are involved in relationships with you. You sent extremely unpleasant, threatening messages.

“It is quite clear that anger built up inside of you. No doubt fuelled by alcohol, you attended her house and then you beat her.

“This was a sustained attack in a domestic setting, where she should have felt and been safe. It only abated because of the arrival of the delivery man.

“You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. Your children were in the house.

“It appears that they did not see what happened to their mother. But you did not care one way or another.”

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