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By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Beyond Wrestling “Neteotoquiliztli”
Replay available via IndependentWrestling.TV
October 13, 2023 in Worcester, Massachusetts at Ralph’s Rock Diner

This was an outdoor show… in Massachusetts … in October. Wow. It’s dark, and maybe 150 fans are standing at ringside, all bundled up in jackets and hats. Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella provided commentary. Crockett said it was 50 degrees; Bakabella said an area meteorologist said it will be 36 degrees by the end of the show.

1. “Miracle Generation” Kylon King and Dustin Waller defeated “Fresh Air” Macrae Martin and Junior Benito for the IWTV Tag Team titles at 17:41. These two teams have squared off a few times now; everyone was wearing shirts on this cool night. This is MG’s 19th title defense. Macrae and Kylon opened in a knucklelock and the larger Macrae overpowered him. King hit a huracanrana at 3:30. Waller (wearing a hoodie because it’s so cold!) tagged in and traded offense with Benito. Waller hit a senton and Waller hit a standing moonsault. Junior hit a slingshot senton for a nearfall at 5:30, and FA began working over Kylon in their corner.

Macrae peeled up Kylon’s shirt and hit a chop at 7:30, then a fallaway slam. Waller made the hot tag and hit a DDT on Macrae and a rolling Death Valley Driver on Benito, then a running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall. King hit a German Suplex on Macrae for a nearfall at 11:00. Macrae hit a top-rope flying clothesline. Benito hit a frogsplash on Waller for a nearfall. Macrae hit a spinning heel kick and suddenly everyone was down at 13:00. King hit a top-rope superplesx on Benito, and Waller immediately hit the Mamba Splash frogsplash for a believable nearfall, and MG were stunned they didn’t get the win there.

Benito hit a shotgun dropkick and tagged Macrae in. Waller got a victory roll on Macrae for a nearfall. Macrae hit a double Northern Lights Suplex at 15:00. Macrae hit a twisting Black Hole Slam. Kylon hit a brainbuster on Macrae. Benito hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Kylon. FA hit a team faceplant move on Waller for a nearfall at 16:30. Macrae came off the top rope but Kylon caught him with a stunner. Kylon hit a top-rope moonsault. Waller nailed a top-rope twisting frogsplash on Macrae for the pin. Some silliness early on, but this was really entertaining stuff. The crowd rightfully chanted, “Both these teams!” They all hugged afterward. (Note: These teams will meet in six-man action this weekend in C*4 Wrestling in Canada.)

2. Matt Makowski defeated Ryan Clancy at 11:25. Makowski is the short shoot fighter; think Josh Woods or Tom Lawlor, and I’m impressed with him. Both men wrestled shirtless, braving the cool weather, as they traded standing switches. Matt worked the left wrist and fingers as he tied up Clancy on the mat. Matt applied a crossface at 4:30, but Clancy eventually powered out. Clancy hit a dropkick at 6:30 and was fired up. He hit a German Suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. Makowski applied a rear-naked choke and switched to a Cattle Mutilation double armbar.

Matt hit some Moxley-style elbow strikes to the side of the head, but Clancy fought free. Matt hit a powerbomb-into-a-crossarmbreaker at 9:00. Nice. Ryan was able to reach the ropes, and Matt jawed at the ref. Clancy got some rollups. Matt hit some spin kicks to the thighs and ribs. Clancy hit an enzuigiri and they were both down at 10:30. This has been sneaky good. Matt pushed the ref into the ropes, causing Clancy to fall and be crotched in the corner, drawing loud boos! Matt hit a top-rope slam-into-a-crossarm-breaker, and Clancy immediately tapped out. I liked that.

3. JGeorge defeated Love Doug at 00:23. JGeorge is the Black movie director; I’ve seen him team a few times with Max Caster. Max still looks like a wounded puppy, sad about his split with Little Mean Kathleen. This should be all comedy. JGeorge towers over Doug; I had no idea he was that much taller. JGeorge applied a headlock, hit a shoulder tackle, and scored the pin. Yep, that’s it. Doug didn’t put up a fight. JGeorge wanted the match restarted but Doug wasn’t into it. So, JGeorge started singing Foreigner’s “I Wanna Know What Love Is.” It seemed to inspire Doug! We are going to have an immediate rematch!

3b. Love Doug defeated JGeorge at 2:52. JGeorge hit a Heart Punch and he choked Doug in the ropes. Doug got angry and hit some chops and a running bulldog for a nearfall. Doug hit a hard clothesline for the pin. Acceptable and the crowd enjoyed this.

4. Brad Hollister and “The Brick City Boyz” J Cruz and Victor Chase defeated Austin Luke and “Wasted Youth” Marcus Mathers and Dyln McKay at 10:13. The heels attacked WY at the bell. Luke (think Cameron Grimes) battled Cruz as the match began, and the heels worked over Luke early on. Mathers made the hot tag at 5:30 and hit a dropkick and a top-rope twisting crossbody block, then a stunner on Hollister for a nearfall. Dlyn got in and hit punches on the BCB. Luke hit a rebound lariat on Hollister and everyone was down at 8:00. WY hit stereo superkicks. Mathers hit a Lionsault. Luke nailed a top-rope frogspalsh for a nearfall on Chase. The BCB hit a team World’s Strongest Slam, then a swinging neckbreaker, to pin McKay. Solid.

5. Kennedi Copeland defeated Jeff Cannonball in an intergender match at 12:44. The 400-pound Cannonball has appeared recently on MLW. He wore a black mask and bib overalls. Copeland is always dressed in her Hot Topics gear and she might legitimately be 250-300 pounds lighter than him. She hit a blow to his back that he no-sold. She kicked at his knee and thigh. He punched her on the side of the head and a running Stinger Splash in the corner. “This is bad,” a commentator said. I agree. He hit a running punch in the corner, and he hip-tossed her all the way across the ring, with her rolling to the floor. However, he accidentally chopped the ring post at 2:30 and hurt his hand. He charged at her but crashed into the post. She slammed his shoulder repeatedly against the ring post.

Kennedi went under the ring and got some doors that she shoved into the ring. He slammed her onto a concrete barrier, and he shoved her back into the ring at 6:00. She hopped on his back and applied a sleeper, but he fell backward through a door set up in the corner. Seems awfully dangerous considering the size difference; he got a nearfall at 7:30. He gave her a paper cut between her fingers, drawing a “you sick f—!” chant. She hit a top-rope crossbody block, then a running knee to the side of the head for a nearfall at 10:30. She hit a Kota-style Kamigoye kneestrike for a believable nearfall. She hit a second-rope senton onto his back, sending him stomach-first through a door bridge in the ring, to score the pin. Okay action; it’s just not believable she could stand toe-to-toe with him.

6. “Church of Greatness” Tyree Taylor and Lucas Chase and Sammy Diaz (w/Brother Greatness) defeated Jhonny Santos and “Hispanic Mechanics” Jos A and Jos B at 14:56. I have compared Diaz to Trey Miguel, Tyree Taylor to Shane Taylor, and Lucas Chase to Angelo Dawkins. The HM seem more interested in dancing than wrestling. The Mechanics beat up Lucas Chase early on. Tyree Taylor (he even has Taylor written down his legs, just like Shane Taylor) entered at 4:30 to face Jhonny. The heels began working Jhonny over. Chase hit a snap suplex at 10:30. Santos and Chase hit double clotheslines.

Jos B finally made the hot tag, but he couldn’t bodyslam the massive Tyree. Instead, he low-bridged Tyree to send him to the floor. Brother Greatness put someone’s foot on the ropes to stop a pinfall. Tyree hit a Stinger Splash in the corner, then an impressive enzuigiri. Diaz hit a Pele Kick at 14:00. Chase hit a hard clothesline. Tyree hit a massive sit-out powerbomb for the pin. Okay match.

7. Ichiban defeated 1 Called Manders at 7:31. Manders dropped the smaller Ichiban with a shoulder tackle early on. He hit a bodyslam at 3:00 and was in control. Ichiban hit an enzuigiri and a stunner, then a second-rope missile dropkick. Manders hit a hard clothesline in the corner. Ichiban avoided a Dr. Bomb and hit a huracanrana. Manders nailed the Dr. Bomb for a nearfall, and they were both down at 6:00. Manders hit a left-arm lariat for a nearfall. Ichiban hit a tornado DDT. Ichiban avoided another clothesline, and he nailed his leaping Flatliner out of nowhere for the pin. Really good for the time given.

8. Channing Thomas and Teddy Goodz (w/Sidney Bakabella) defeated “Waves and Curls” Jaylen Brandyn and Traevon Jordan at 9:48. Sidney wore a ridiculous toupe. Thomas is the sleezy Rick Rude-meets-Joey Ryan heel. The crowd loves to sing along to WandC coming to the ring to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Again, they are essentially Private Party or the Street Profits and are fun babyfaces. Channing and the shorter Jaylen opened, with Jaylen hitting a springboard crossbody block. Goodz (similar to Bron Breakker) entered at 1:30 and battled the taller Jordan. Jordan did some dancing that annoyed and angered Goodz. WandC hit punches on Goodz and kept him in their corner.

Bakabella hopped in the ring at 4:00 and confronted WandC, but they forced him to dance. Silly stuff. Thomas hit a backbreaker over his knee on Jaylen at 6:30 and the heels took over. Jordan made the hot tag and hit a series of punches and a running back elbow in the corner. He hit a Bronco Buster in the corner on Thonas at 9:00, and he dropped Goodz face-first into Thomas’ groin. WandC hit a Team 3D on Channing for a believable nearfall. Bakabella hopped on the ring apron and hit Jaylen with a weapon in his fist while the ref was distracted; Channing immediately got a rollup for the tainted pin.

9. Alec Price defeated Brian Milonas to retain the IWTV Heavyweight title at 13:41. The massive Milonas hit a Stinger Splash into the corner, then a powerbomb, in the opening seconds of the match. Price hit a huracanrana that sent Milonas to the floor, then he hit a pair of dives over the top rope onto Milonas on the floor. Milonas hit a powerbomb onto the edge of the ring at 2:30. In the ring, Milonas hit a hip toss and Price was selling pain in his lower back. Milonas hit a suplex and was in charge. Milonas hit a running crossbody block for a nearfall at 5:30.

Price hit an enzuigiri and his running knees in the corner. Price hit a tornado DDT for a nearfall at 8:30. Price came off the ropes but Milonas caught him and hit a powerslam for a nearfall. Price hit a top-rope doublestomp to the shoulders of a standing Milonas for a nearfall at 10:30. Price hit a top-rope crossbody block onto Milonas on the floor. They got back in the ring. Milonas hit a Whoopee Cushion buttdrop for a nearfall at 12:00. Brian missed a second-rope elbow drop. Price immediately nailed the Suprise Kick/step-up mule kick but Brian stood up. Price hit a top-rope flying stunner, then a second Surprise Kick for the pin! That topped expectations.

* Matt Makowski jumped in the ring and stood over Price. He hit a short-arm clothesline on Price, then he applied a crossarm breaker. Ichiban, the Miracle Generation, and Marcus Mathers hit the ring to pull Matt off of Price. Marcus hit a splash onto Makowski. Marcus stared at the title belt before slowly handing it back to Price, and it’s clear he wants another title shot at some point, too.

Final Thoughts: A solid show. Miracle Generation and Fresh Air really click in the ring, and they earned best match, ahead of a better-than-expected main event. Makowski-Clancy was sneaky good for third place. The Wasted Youth six-man tag was a bit disappointing, as they had a lengthy beat down section, then wrapped up awfully quick. I wouldn’t have predicted before this show began that the WY match would be shorter than the intergender match. I question doing an outdoor show in October in Massachusetts, but it seemed like they had a decent crowd.

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