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On a recent edition of his “Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T spoke about WWE bringing in John Cena, The Undertaker, Cody Rhodes, Asuka, LA Knight, and other big stars for Tuesday’s super-stacked episode of NXT last week.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On WWE bringing in main roster talent for NXT: “Lots of cameos, too, you know what I mean? That what was cool, the cameos. Those guys didn’t actually have to do anything but just, their faces just appearing on the show was actually cool. Jade Cargill, Solo Sikoa. And so it definitely had a good feel to it, an ‘NXT Mania’-like feel. That’s what people were talking about. Seriously, that’s what people were talking about, ‘NXT Mania’ with all the players showing up, which was really, really cool. I like the LA Knight playing the referee role. He went out there and he reminded me of a referee back in the day, way before your time. This guy named by the name of — he was a wrestler too, back in the day. His name was Wild Bull Curry. Way back in the day, man, and I swear, man, he turned into a referee later on in his career. And he used to go out there and kick those guys asses. And he was like the baddest referee you ever wanted to see. You know, if you want to enforcer for a referee, you get Bull Curry in there.

“So that’s what that kind of reminded me of, LA Knight going out there playing that ultimate enforcer role. I was all over it. I’m like, ‘Come on, this guy’s not a real referee. That’s why he’s not catching everything, he’s missing spots and whatnot. And then he turned around and just, you know, blew the roof off the place. So it was actually really, really cool. Cool spot and a really, really cool moment for LA Knight.”

On AEW not using Stokely Hathaway: “It’s a lot of guys on the roster that’s just ‘on the roster.’ I remember I remember this one kid that left NXT, Hathaway. He was a manager, Stokely Hathaway. He’s still in AEW? When was the last time you saw Stokely Hathaway? That’s my point. I really think if that dude [Tony Khan] focused on what he got, he would be in his own mind space. I think he would be in such a better place than to be thinking about WWE and waking up in the morning and sending out a tweet, or thinking about the show and sending — that right there has to be nerve-wracking. I’m just saying.”

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