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A BRITISH dad has been murdered by Hamas terrorists.

Manchester United fan Yonatan Rapoport was killed in an attack on the kibbutz Be’eri.

TwitterManchester United fan Yonatan Rapoport, centre, was killed by Hamas[/caption]

The British dad died during the terrorist group’s attack on Be’eri

Doug SeeburgHe died during Hamas’ attack on the kibbutz Be’eri[/caption]

The British-Israeli citizen was set to take his son to his first game at Old Trafford next month, BBC reports.

At least eight Brits have so far been confirmed dead following Hamas’ brutal attacks.

A further nine remain missing, according to the UK government.

Hundreds were killed and dozens taken hostage when Hamas gunmen burst across the border on paragliders and motorbikes on October 7.

Terrorists stormed several towns including Be’eri – just 4km from the Gaza border – and left behind scenes of harrowing devastation.

More than 100 residents were shot dead or blown up by militants – with people’s homes set on fire and looted as they desperately tried to escape.

Rishi Sunak, who is in Israel on a two-day visit, this week branded Hamas’ slaughters a “pogrom” as he vowed: “We stand with Israel”.

As families of some of those missing watched on, the Prime Minister told the Commons: “The attacks in Israel last weekend shocked the world.

“Over 1,400 people murdered one by one, over 3,500 wounded, almost 200 taken hostage.”

He went on: “The elderly, men, women, children, babes in arms, murdered, mutilated, burned alive.

“We should call it by its name: it was a pogrom.”

Brit Jake Marlowe, 26, was working as a security guard at a music festival when it was stormed by Hamas gunmen who turned it into a bloodbath.

The Nova music festival was the first target of Hamas terrorists as they paraglided across the border into Israel and unleashed terror on unsuspecting festival-goers on October 7.

The Londoner’s parents, Lisa and Michel, said they were “heartbroken” after receiving the “crushing news”.

Horrified rescuers found 260 bodies after Hamas terrorists cut the power and opened fire.

Only hours before the gunmen unleashed hell, Jake – who moved to Israel two years ago – had sent a text to his mum saying rockets were flying overhead and promised to keep in touch.

Scot Bernard Cowan, 57, was murdered by the terrorist group during the horror attacks.

And Corporal Nathanel Young, 20, who was serving in the Israeli Defence Forces, was confirmed dead on Saturday.

Daniel Darlington, 34, a UK photographer, was also killed while visiting the country.

His sister wrote on Instagram that he was “murdered by terrorists”.

Daniel and his German girlfriend, Carolin Bohlwere pictured laughing in a post on Instagram just three days before they disappeared during the brutal attack.

Friends of the Arsenal fan said his first instinct would have been to make sure everyone else was safe before he thought of himself.

Doug SeeburgInside a burnt house in Be’eri[/caption]

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