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Francesca Eastwood is an American actress, socialite, and television personality. She came into the limelight after her appearance in the American musical drama film, Jersey Boys.

Early Life, Family, and Education

Born on August 7, 1993 (age 30 years; as of 2023) in Redding, California, her mother, Frances Fisher, is an American actress while her father, Clinton Eastwood Jr., is an actor and film director.

In 1995, Francesca’s parents got divorced and primarily she was brought up by her mother, Frances Fisher, in Northern California. Through her father, Francesca has seven known half siblings, sisters Laurie Murray, Kimber Tunis, Alison Eastwood, Kathryn Reeves, and Morgan Eastwood; and brothers Kyle and Scott Eastwood.

Francesca pursued her O-levels at a local high school in Northern California. Soon after her schooling, she attended the University of Southern California where she obtained a degree in communications.

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As a Child Artist

Born in an acting family, Francesca Eastwood has the acting stints since childhood. In 1995, Francesca made her acting debut with the film The Stars Fell on Henrietta. Meanwhile, she played Mary Day in the film.

Subsequently, in 1999, Francesca worked in the American mystery thriller film True Crime; wherein she played the role of Kate Everett.

As an Actor

Soon after her appearance in the 1999 film True Crime, Francesca took a sabbatical break from acting. In 2012, she returned to television with the reality documentary series Mrs Eastwood & Company.

Later on, in 2014, she appeared in two English films, Jersey Boys and Perception.

Meanwhile, in 2015, she worked on multiple film projects including Wuthering High School, Final Girl, Mother of All Lies, Girl Missing, Kids Vs Monsters, and Heroes Reborn.

Moreover, in recent years, Francesca has appeared in many English films including Outlaws and Angels, MDMA, M.F.A, The Fault, Fargo, and Twin Peaks. She has also worked in A Violent Separation (2019), Awake (2019), and Old (2021).

Francesca Eastwood Personal Life

In 2013, when Eastwood was attending the University of Southern California while residing in Los Angeles, she came into contact with Jordan Feldstein. Later on, Francesca on November 17, 2013, entered into a marriage with Jordan Feldstein. However, eight days after the marriage, Eastwood filed for an annulment of the marriage. Nevertheless, in 2017, Jordan passed away when a blood clot travelled from his legs to his lungs.

In 2018, Eastwood had a son with Alexander Wrath, a trainer and an actor.

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Do You Know These Lesser Known Facts About Francesca Eastwood?

Francesca Eastwood was only three years old when she stepped into the world of acting.

In 2001, when Francesca Eastwood was 8 eight years old, her house caught fire. Hence, owing to the fire, she had to jump out of the house window. However, she landed in her mother’s lap.

Francesa has a sweet tooth and is fond of ice-creams. Not only this but in a media interaction she mentioned that if it had enough nutritional value, she would have made it the sole food item in her diet.

She entered into a marriage when she was only 20; however, her former husband, Jordan Feldstein, was 15 years older than her. Moreover, the marriage headed to end in only eight days.

She hates pickles. Not only this but she shuns them if they’re within close proximity.

Francesca has a unique fascination with her Japanese toys.

She’s 20 years younger than her current husband, Clifton Collins.

Once, Francesca landed herself in a controversy during her appearance in Mrs.Eastwood and Company. In one of the episodes, Francesca along with her then-boyfriend Tyler Shields light up a Hermes Birkin purse worth $100,000. Although the former duo did this for a pun, many viewers criticised her for insulting her privilege.

A movie buff, her all-time favourite is the blockbuster Titanic.

Francesca is a trained horse rider. Not only this, but she has possessed this exceptional skill since her childhood.

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