Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

A ONE-year-old girl fell down 30ft well while playing behind her house, sparking frantic rescue efforts.

Neighbours and fire crews used a digger to excavate a huge pit in a desperate attempt to reach the youngster at the bottom of the shaft.

CENThe rescuers had to dig a massive pit to reach the child down the well[/caption]

CENThe toddler slipped down a 30ft shaft behind her home in Brazil[/caption]

CENThe one-year-old girl mother did not see her vanish down the well[/caption]

The girl’s mother was in the kitchen when the disastrous moment happened. She didn’t see it unfold, reports local media.

The Military Police and the Fire Department described the rescue as “complex” as they had to dig a huge hole to reach the child, whose name was not revealed.

Then they dug an underground tunnel to reach and save the victim.

After four long hours of the rescue mission, the girl was raised to the surface in a digger bucket while relieved onlookers clapped and cheered.

The miraculous save took place in the town of Novo Progresso, in the Brazilian state of Para.

The victim was taken to the Castelo de Sonhos Regional Hospital for treatment.

The second video shows the toddler alive and well after the rescue.

She has reportedly been discharged from hospital and taken home.

Investigators are looking into the details of the incident. Family members are to be interviewed to determine the exact circumstances of the horrific accident.

CENRescuers used a digger to excavate a massive pit[/caption]

CENNeighbours cheer as the youngster is brought to the surface after four hours[/caption]

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