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YOU could be in the top one per cent if you can find all nine hidden faces in this optical illusion in just 12 seconds.

This latest brain teaser will require you to seriously rack your brains and put your cognitive skills to the test.

News18You could be in the top one per cent if you can spot all nine faces in this woodland drawing[/caption]

The optical illusion certainly isn’t easy and can only be cracked by the sharpest of eyes.

However, you have the chance to show off your impressive skills by spotting all nine faces in under 12 seconds.

The image depicts a drawing of two large trees surrounded by some bushes in a unique woodland setting.

However, the winding branches and different shading throughout the image help to create a number of faces.

This is the biggest clue in solving this optical illusion.

The leaves also help to form the hair of certain faces, while some branches form the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and nose.

In order to identify all of the faces, though, you must alter the way in which you see the image.

It is important to focus your attention on specific parts of the picture and perhaps look where you normally wouldn’t.

If you succeed, then you may just about find all nine faces.

But remember, only one per cent of those who attempt to find the hidden faces will be able to trace them all.

If you fancy your luck at other optical illusions, then have a go at spotting the sneaky cat hiding in the living room in just 12 seconds.

Alternatively, you can test to see if you have 20/20 vision by spotting all 25 dogs playing at the beach in under a minute.

You may also have a high IQ if you can spot the hidden mountain lion lurking in a tree ready to pounce.

News18The two largest faces should be the easiest one’s to spot[/caption]

News18Another face can be made out in between[/caption]

News18There are also two smaller faces below the larger one on each side[/caption]

News18Towards the bottom of the photo are the two smallest faces[/caption]

News18The eighth face is hanging down from the top of the drawing[/caption]

News18This face has been described as ‘the old man’[/caption]


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