Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

THIS mind boggling puzzle has baffled the internet and left many scratching their heads trying to find the furry feline hiding in the image.

If you can find the sneaky cat within less than 12 seconds then your visual powers are stronger than most.

Twitter/@katehindsthe timer starts now! find the cat hiding in the image before 12 seconds are up[/caption]

The picture shows a TV surrounded by brightly coloured books and dangling plants, however the feline is nowhere to be seen.

The puzzle is confusing to the eyes as it’s hard to not let them dart around the screen, taking in all the distractions.

Users of X have searched high and low to locate the cheeky pet, and some never found it at all.

“Stumped! My husband tried (very hard) and finally gave up!” wrote one person in the comments section.

“Omg it took me so long,” said another.

Any luck? You can do it, With the right catitude, anything is pawsible.

If are you still struggling? don’t stress meowt,this is one of our most difficult brain-teasers yet!

Hears a clue, try to think like a feline, look for the cosiest spot you can see – as this is where you will find the answer.

Don’t worry if you are still stumped, we have included the answer at the bottom.

Meanwhile why not try some other puzzles while you scroll?

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The feline can be found squeezed into the small space under the TV, if you are a cat owner then you will know this is typical behaviour for the pets.

Pics of camouflaged animals often capture social media’s attention as they are not only entertaining, but also great exercise for your brain.

Twitter/@katehindsDid you spot the cat hiding under the TV?[/caption]

Here’s another challenge, find the frog hiding in the water lilies

There he is! how long did it take you to locate him?

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