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Using the right skills early in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can make a massive impact on how you control each Spider-Man while traversing and give you an additional edge during boss battles. Skills Points are unlocked by completing side activities, main story quests, side missions, and other requests in the FNSM app. Some of these missions can take a little while to complete, while others can be done in a matter of minutes. Regardless of the length, these side missions give impressive rewards that can used towards making a stronger Spider-Man.

There are three Skill Trees in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 where you can unlock abilities specific to Miles Morales or Peter Parker and some that unlock universally for both protagonists. These skills can vary from providing additional boosts to abilities and gadgets while also helping in upgrading combat moves. Here are all the best skills you should look to acquire first.

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7 Combo Resupply

One of the earlier skills you can unlock for both Miles and Peter helps in adding a chance for a free gadget resupply. With the Combo Resupply Skill, you need to complete a 4-hit combo to get a free gadget that you can use against brute enemies and bosses. Some of the best gadgets in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can give exceptional crowd control advantage when surrounded by multiple enemies, and having them recharged often can make all the difference.

6 Parry Disarm

The next skill you should look to unlock is Parry Disarm. In this game, you can parry enemies and sometimes even brutes when upgraded. However, many enemies carry dangerous melee weapons that can only be disarmed by using the Parry move. Unlocking the Parry Disarm skill early on will come in handy right up until the very end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as some bosses and brutes require you to use the Parry mechanic later on. Players can do a perfect parry any attack by using the L1 button right before a visual indicator flashes.

5 Web Whip

Some enemies use guns and attack Spider-Man from a distance, which can get really annoying after a while. Since these enemies can target you even when you are up in the air, it is recommended to disarm them as soon as you spot them. Therefore, the Web Whip skill lets Spider-Man attach a web to an enemy’s weapon and disarm it. You will need to use the Triangle button to attach the web and then the R1 button to disarm enemies using guns and other weapons.

4 Perfect Dodge Recharge

Much like the previous Marvel’s Spider-Man titles, you are expected to dodge attacks from your enemies. However, when performing a perfect dodge, you can get rewarded with a partial recharge to your abilities. Since there is a lot of dodging involved during combat, with the Perfect Dodge Recharge, you will be able to use your abilities faster and seamlessly.

3 Corner Tether

Traversal is a very important factor when you are swinging and gliding in Spider-Man 2’s vast map. However, it is slightly hard to turn corners while swinging, so unlocking the Corner Tether skill early is essential. This will let you change direction instantly and is a useful skill during chase sequences and even some of the main story quests. You can use this skill while holding the Circle button and change directions by flicking the Left analog Stick.

2 Spider Rush: Tornado

This ability is exclusive to Peter Parker and can be unlocked early on within the Spider Rush skill tree. With the Tornado skill, Peter is capable of pulling enemies in towards himself from farther out and taking out multiple enemies at once. It is also a very powerful skill to use against brutes and mini-bosses when you have run out of gadgets and other abilities. The ability can be used by pressing the L1 + Triangle buttons together, and it is recommended for use when surrounded by multiple enemies.

1 Venom Jump

Venom Jump skill for Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The Venom Jump ability can be unlocked exclusively for Miles Morales, and it is yet another crowd-control skill that can give you an advantage early on. With this ability, Miles can lift nearby enemies into the air and apply Venom Stun on them. This will provide a short window for Miles to do combo attacks on any of the enemies and clear the arena fast. The Venom Jump skill can be activated by pressing the L1 + X together when near multiple enemies.

Unlocking the above skills and powers early in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will give an undue advantage during boss fights and while moving around New York City. Upgrading these skills further by completing side missions and activities will give you even more boosts and passive benefits, making clearing enemies a breeze.

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