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Cory Wurtenberger’s strategic gameplay and dry sense of humor made him a fan favorite on the live feeds.
Despite not excelling in physical competitions, Cory’s ability to manipulate the game without holding power was impressive.
Cory’s mature attitude, clear communication skills, and stance against hate speech made him a respected and likable player in the BB house.

Big Brother 25’s Cory Wurtenberger is the most recently evicted houseguest from the BB house, and though he left the game with grace, live feed viewers will miss him the most. Known for his strategic gameplay and dry sense of humor, Cory has been incredible to watch on the live feeds. In the week-to-week Big Brother episodes, he’s been portrayed as a strategist who’s a bit clueless at times, but BB live feed viewers know that the 22-year-old college student was manipulating the strings of the game throughout the season. Cory, though he wasn’t exactly the mastermind people pinned him to be, was making big moves without power all season.

While modern Big Brother tends to be more about competition wins than true strategy, there’s always a space for a strategist who can talk themselves out of a problem. Cory may not have been great when it comes to physical competitions but watching him work through his conversations on the Big Brother live feeds and improve his position in the game from week to week was impressive. Making moves without holding power is one of the most artful, impactful pieces of Big Brother. Cory was able to do so in a way that seemed effortless, but was clearly hard work.

Cory’s Heartbreaking Eviction Was Next To His Showmance Partner America

When Cory entered a final 2 deal with America Lopez early in the game, he explained to her that many people in the house were already pairing them up without reason. Both understood that as superfans, working together when seen as a duo was smarter than trying to act like they weren’t a unit, but neither bargained for the relationship that blossomed out of their Big Brother alliance. The pair flirted around a romance for weeks, but eventually dove into a full-blown relationship in the BB house, falling in love and making things official before his eviction. The pair going up together was inevitable, especially with how close they were.

Cory and America’s relationship has been a focal point of the season. From their late-night chats on the hammock to their strategic conversations mixed with flirtatious commentary, the Big Brother superfan showmance has not disappointed throughout the season. Live feed viewers have been able to watch Cory and America grow closer, and while their relationship was sweet, seeing them navigate the difficulty of being nominated against one another was tough. Cory tried to campaign for his game without torching America’s, which was a noble effort. His eviction was heartbreaking for both himself and America, but it proved to live feeders just how close the pair had gotten through the game.

Cory Has Been A Master BB Strategist

Throughout his time on Big Brother, Cory has proven that he knows the game inside and out, strategizing with his allies and other houseguests alike. Known for his running hypotheticals, Cory has proven himself to be a master strategist in the BB house, and the live feed viewers have been able to watch Cory’s successful strategizing firsthand. Though the weekly episodes show some of Cory’s more interesting strategies, there have been dozens of minor moments that weren’t featured to the causal viewers who only consume CBS’s week-to-week recap episodes. Live feeders have truly been able to see Cory’s mastery at work.

As a national speech & debate champion, Cory’s communication is crisp and clear. He is able to position his language in the right way for the audience he’s speaking to, which almost always ensures his message will be delivered effectively. By using a clear and concise communication strategy and being boldly honest about the moves he’d be making in the game, Cory was able to strategize the best moves to make in the house, while sometimes making gambles that could potentially ruin his chances. Whether he was strategizing with his one-time ally Izzy Gleicher or Big Brother villain Cameron Hardin, Cory was able to speak effectively and make clear points.

Cory’s Attitude In The BB House Has Been Shockingly Mature

Though he was the youngest houseguest in the Big Brother house, Cory’s attitude towards the game and life outside the house seemed shockingly mature. While he still had some habits that one would expect from a college student, like his meals of buttered noodles, Cory’s attitude and mindset were always more caring in nature than many expected. Throughout the season, Cory was open and honest about his feelings, making it clear that he wasn’t interested in being pushed around and wouldn’t stand for people doing so to others. When houseguests would begin to get vitriolic or mean, Cory refused to participate in conversations tearing others down.

While Cory did have his moments of heated argument in the BB house, he managed to remain composed and keep himself calm throughout the more difficult moments he faced in the game. Whether it was doing his best to make sure no one was personally badmouthing other houseguests or proving that he was able to handle difficult conversations with grace, Cory was fascinating to watch in a heated moment. Even after he was called out explicitly by houseguest Felicia Cannon, the respectful nature in which he approached his elder made it clear that Cory’s a mature player and an even more respectful person in general.

Cory Has Stood Up Against Hate Speech In The BB House

Numerous instances of hate speech have been used in the Big Brother 25 house, which has caused overall difficulty for the season. After houseguest Luke Valentine was ejected from the BB house in the first days of competition for using a racial slur, the entirety of the game changed, and Luke’s use of hate speech wasn’t the only rough spot of BB 25. Cory, who was in the room when Luke used a derogatory term to Jared Fields, a man of color, felt the need to speak up about what happened with Luke, making sure to be outwardly anti-racist instead of simply admonishing Luke’s actions.

Later in the season, when Cory’s then-ally Jared used an ableist slur against America, Cory was quick to jump to her defense. Cory ensured Jared knew what he’d said was wrong, but the moment drove a wedge between Cory and Jared who ultimately had one of Big Brother 25’s largest fights of the season. The pair shouted at each other for nearly 2 hours prior to a live eviction episode, and the following week, Cory won a double eviction Head Of Household in order to evict Jared from the game. Cory understood throughout his time on Big Brother that there was no room for hate speech of any variety.

Cory’s Been The Only Houseguest Who Does Cam Talks

Throughout the history of Big Brother, houseguests have found themselves going a bit stir-crazy in a house with no electronics or entertainment of any kind. Cut off from outside society, the houseguests are immersed in the game, and in order to keep their heads on straight they often talk directly to the cameras when they’re left alone. Big Brother cam talks have been some of the most popular moments on the live feeds in past seasons, and Cory has been one of the few BB 25 houseguests who use the cameras to his advantage, talking about the game and strategizing about his current position in the house to the audience.

Cory has explained that speaking directly to the cameras helped to clear his head, allowing him to think more clearly in conversations with other houseguests if he’d already plotted out potential scenarios of the game on his own. For Big Brother viewers, watching a superfan play the game can be hit or miss, but Cory’s level of strategy and interesting position in the game always made his cam talks feel genuine and interesting. Though he did give one final talk before leaving the house, Cory’s Big Brother presence will be sorely missed by viewers, especially those who are invested in the BB live feeds.

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