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ISRAEL’s plan to storm Gaza could wipe out Hamas’ terror nest with unmatched ferocity in just five steps.

Israel has already massed tanks, called up 360,000 troops early this morning, and evacuated its own civilians from the border area.

Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza could be done in five steps

The country called 360,000 troops near the Gaza borderRex Features

EPATanks have also been gathered near Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip[/caption]

As the world fearfully awaits what’s to unfold, here are Israel’s possible key objectives for its ground invasion of Gaza.

The first step would be to take over northern Gaza to destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s military power, Israeli outlet YNet reports.

Both groups are said to hold settlements in the northern Negev and 70 km from Tel Aviv, potentially constituting a security threat for Israeli citizens.

An attack would include a manoeuvre into the northern Gaza Strip to gain military control of the area, allowing the collection of individual intelligence and its immediate implementation.

The physical control of the entire northern strip up to the Gaza River would be crucial to harm fighters and military infrastructures in the area.

It would also destroy Hamas’ “governing capital”.

Once the terror leadership is eliminated, troops would then utilise intelligence and pinpoint strikes to destroy terror assets and kill terror leaders in southern Gaza.

The move would benefit both Israeli and Palestinians living in the Gaza strip, bringing them “a basic but adequate measure of freedom of movement and civil services”, YNet claims.

These include health, education, water, electricity, and public sanitation.

Israel’s third key objective would be to build a heavily-guarded defence line, including a closed military zone near border inside Gazan territory.

The army would then ensure to take pinpointed military action in Gaza after the war ends to foil any terror plots or rebuilding of terrorist infrastructure.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would then evacuate the area, but the country would still focus on a full and final demilitarisation of Gaza within five to 10 years.

To achieve this “exit plan”, Israel would cooperate closely with the United States.

It comes after Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly won private backing from President Joe Biden to press ahead with a ground invasion of Gaza, according to accounts of closed-door meetings between the two leaders.

On his visit to Israel, Biden told Netanyahu he remained “fully in support” of Israel’s plans to launch an incursion in order to “eradicate Hamas”.

The head of the IDF Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Yaron Finkelman, said the expected ground offensive would be “long and intense”, The Times of Israel reports.

“This war was forced on us, with a cruel enemy that harmed us greatly. But we stopped them… we are striking them heavily,” Finkelman told troops near the Gaza border.

“Now, the maneuver is going to move the fighting to their territory. We are going to beat them in their territory,” he said.

“It’s going to be difficult, long and intense.”

It comes after Israel’s defence chief Yoav Gallant told troops they will soon see Gaza “from the inside.”

The minister wished the men luck as he said “there is no forgiveness” for the Hamas’ horror attack.

He told the soldiers: “There is no forgiveness for this thing. Only total annihilation of Hamas organisation, terror infrastructures, everything that has to do with terrorists and whoever sent them.

“It will take a week, it will take a month, it will take two months, until we eliminate them.

Before the imminent invasion, ex-general Yitzhak Brik told Israeli news forum RotterNet Israel should impose a two-month siege on Gaza and intensify airstrikes to minimise IDF casualties.

Yesterday marked 13 days since Hamas gunmen caught Israel off guard as they stormed out of the Gaza Strip.

The horror massacre, and Israel’s defence, has cost thousands their lives and seen thousands more injured.

It’s also feared hostages could be held in Hamas’ mysterious 311-mile maze of tunnels riddled with deadly traps.

Smoke rises after Israeli airstrikes on Rafah in the southern Gaza StripCover Images

GettyIsraeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met with combat soldiers at the Gaza border[/caption]


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