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By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Glory Pro Wrestling “Ascend” (episode seven)
Premiered October 19, 2023 via
Taped September 24 in St. Louis, Missouri at South Broadway Athletic Club

This is the third episode taped from early September in this venue. Reed Duffy is back on commentary.

1. Blair Onyx defeated Maggie Lee at 5:58. Onyx is similar to Jessicka Havok but a bit thinner. I just saw Lee on a Dreamwave show; she is taller and has long curly blondish-orange hair, and she’s a good heel. Onyx hit a shoulder tackle that dropped Maggie. Maggie hit a Blockbuster. Onyx went for a chokeslam but Maggie escaped. Blair got a rollup for the pin. Decent action. Maggie threw a fit as she headed to the back.

* A video package aired of Calvin Tankman beating Xavier Walker, with the assistance of Dak Draper’s interference. (Again, an injury to Calvin Tankman kept him off this taping, but Glory Pro has done a great job of hiding that with video packages like this, keeping the champion in the forefront of the promotion.) Reed Duffy said we haven’t seen the end of Xavier Walker vs. Dak Draper. We only have two matches tonight so we’re headed to the main event! The casket was set at ringside.

2. Jake Something defeated Warhorse in a Casket Match at 21:13. An intense lockup and mat reversals early on. Warhorse pushed Jake into the casket at 3:00, but Jake immediately popped out and they brawled at ringside. In the ring, Warhorse hit a spear into the corner at 5:00. He shouted “What’s my name?” and the crowd responded “Warhorse!” (stealing Jake’s spot.) Warhorse hit a missile dropkick and again tried to push Jake into the casket, but Jake blocked it. They fought back to the floor where Jake threw Warhorse into the casket, but he also quickly escaped. In the ring, Warhorse hit a powerslam; he pushed Jake into the casket again but he escaped at 8:00.

Jake hit his running body block. He hit a low blow uppercut as they fought on the ring apron. Jake shoved the referee, and Reed immediately said that would be a fine. Jake pushed the casket into the ring. Warhorse hit a bulldog onto the top of the casket at 11:00. Jake set up the casket in the corner and he powerbombed Warhorse onto the casket at 12:30! Ouch! “That was horrible. There was no place for Warhorse’s spine to go!” Reed Duffy said. However, Jake flew into the casket and Warhorse nearly had it shut but Jake got an arm out before it was shut. Warhorse hit a backbody drop onto the casket at 14:30.

Warhorse again nearly got the casket shut. He gave up and climbed the ropes but Jake was still in the casket. Jake got out, shoved the top rope, and Warhorse fell. Warhorse hit a German Suplex, and Jake went to the floor. Warhorse kicked the casket and it slid out of the ring and landed on top of Jake at 17:30! Warhorse set up a table in the ring, but it fell apart, so Jake grabbed a shard and hit Warhorse in the face with it. Jake charged at Warhorse, but WH moved, and Jake crashed through the table in the corner at 20:00! Warhorse nailed a top-rope elbowdrop to the chest. He rolled Jake toward the casket, but Jake somehow landed on the floor, not in the casket. Jake stood up, chokeslammed Warhorse into the casket, and slammed the lid shut to win the match. Good brawl.

Final Thoughts: A good casket match and these two had a good big-man match. The biggest disappointment of the episode is really just the fact they didn’t promote any matches for next week. The first few episodes were 45-55 minutes. This one came in at a surprisingly short 36 minutes.

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