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A regular bowel movement is always important for an individual’s health. Bowel habits- how much, how often, and so on- will vary from individual to individual. In between following different morning rituals, people have come across Dr Sam’s 7 Second Morning Ritual. However, those who are not aware of the same and are looking for the information, you’re in the right place. Delve into this article for a healthy poop routine while knowing what is Dr. Sam 7 second morning ritual for constipation.

About Dr. Gina Sam

Dr Gina Sam is a renowned medical professional who is an expert in movement and functioning conditions focusing on GI tract mobility including esophageal mobility, small bowel motion, colonic movement, and anorectal motion.

Besides being a medical professional, she is a media specialist and utilises her media skills to publicise topics like bowel movements and constipation. Thus making them more comfortable topics for patients to discuss

What is Dr. Gina Sam’s Morning Ritual?

Waking up with an alarm clock while mentally preparing yourself is an accomplishment in itself. However, you must be expecting a happy day after waking up, right? Worry not, as Dr Gina Sam’s morning ritual will get you covered.

Proven as the best stress reliever, Dr Sam understands how annoying it is to get up in the morning and go about your day feeling sluggish. Hence, as a medical expert, she doesn’t want you to experience it and has brought a 7-second poop trick which will help you in having a perfect bowel schedule followed by a good day.

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The Simple 7 Second Morning Ritual for a Poop-astic Day

Since you’ve come to know what is the 7-second poop trick and sam 7 second ritual, let’s dive into the details of how to practise it,

Step 1: The Hygienic Seat

Well, the primary step to practising the enticing 7 Second morning ritual is to get yourself a hygienic seat. Also, make sure you are comfortable enough to have a perfect bowel session. As a result, the first step starts the Gina Sam 7 Second Morning Ritual.

Step 2: Get in the Zone

Now that you have gotten yourself a comfortable and hygienic seat, make sure that you relieve all your stress. Stop thinking about anything that distracts you. The bowel time is an individual’s time: make sure you use every second of it.

Step 3: Activate your morning routine

Imagine a clock just for your poop in the belly and call it a poop clock. Now, start taking a long breath in and let it out slowly. So when you’re exhaling, imagine this clock starting at 7 and ticking down to 1. And each second will be bringing you closer to the time when your body will be ready to poop. As a result, this can be fun and experimenting for a great day.

Step 4: Challenge your Warrior

Now when you’ve already practised these steps, it’s time to channel your inner Ninja. Imagine yourself as a warrior, focus on your breathing and let it happen. Meanwhile, try to consider the fact that finesse is more important than speed.

Step 5: Don’t Rush

Always remember that you need not rush. As the bowel session is one of the primary things we try to do in the morning, the process should be peaceful and satisfying.

Sit peacefully for minutes after you’ve already practised the 7-second poop ritually.

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Being a medical specialist, Dr. Sam has introduced this 7-second poop trick for beneficiaries of an individual. Meanwhile, all you need to do is keep faith in yourself and keep up the consistency. Remember, patience and hard work is the key to success. So worry not, and remember that your body always needs a pampering session and watch as your bowels fall in line.

Bid well to the days when you felt like a constipated bunny. Believe in the process and your bowel will feel happy while you start your day on a satisfying note. We hope that this guide will help you in a poop-astic adventure.

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