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Gurwinder Singh bulldozed his modest semi-detached house and replaced it with a sprawling four bedroom property which made locals’ lives “hell”.

Neighbours described it as “like a Travelodge in the middle of a housing estate” while others were forced to play loud music to drown out the sound of building work.

Walsall Council previously slapped Mr Singh with an enforcement notice ordering him to tear down the half-built home in Willenhall, West Mids.

The dad-of-two had never applied for planning permission and was only been given the green light for a modest extension to the existing 1960s house in 2020.

The local authority ordered Mr Singh to demolish the property completely after receiving 95 complaints from neighbours.

Delivery driver Mr Singh appealed to the Planning Inspectorate but the council dismissed the appeal and upheld the original enforcement notice.

He was then given a series of five deadlines, with the first giving him until October 7 to demolish the building.

He was also given until November 7 to stabilise the adjoining property and remove all below ground works by December 7.

Walsall Council say they could enter the land themselves to carry out the work and recover the costs if he continues to ignore the demands.

Mr Singh has also been threatened with court action if he fails to comply with the enforcement notice by April next year.

Frustrated locals say the “eyesore” has been making their lives a misery in a dispute which has been going on three years.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s beyond a joke now, we all just want to see this complete eyesore torn to the ground.”

Another said: “”It sticks out like a sore thumb, I’m not sure how they thought they would ever get away with doing this.

“I saw it described as like having a Travelodge in the middle of a housing estate, and I think that sums it up. It’s just so out of place.”

A third local added: “The house is bloody huge and looks like a horrible monster mansion. “None of the other houses in this area are that big, what on earth was he thinking?

“It was at least three times the size of the original house. It looks like a sports hall.” A Walsall Council spokesperson said: “Following the dismissal of an appeal against the enforcement notice to demolish the unlawful partially constructed dwelling, the enforcement notice recommenced.

“Within the notice there are a series of deadlines for compliance, the first of these was October 7, 2023, to demolish the partially constructed dwelling and outbuilding to ground level.

“The council has written to the owner, confirming they are in breach of this part of the enforcement notice. “The council is monitoring the compliance of the enforcement notice.

“If the owner is still in breach of the enforcement notice after the final April 7, 2024 deadline, the council will present the case to court.

“The council also confirmed, if the owner remains in breach of the enforcement notice, the council can enter the land and carry out the works and will recover the councils costs in doing the works.”

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