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A RAPPER who divorced his wife after having her face tattooed on his leg has stunned fans with an ink-redible cover up.

Brazilian rapper Guilherme Aparecido Dantas, known to fans as MC Guime, commissioned a huge tattoo of his ex Lexa’s face as a tribute to their love.

NewsflashMC Guime got the ink of his former wife Lexa in 2018[/caption]

NewsflashThe original tattoo of Lexa showed her in a bridal veil[/caption]

He formerly said: “Today I immortalised on my skin a person who has already been immortalised in my soul and heart since I met them.”

The original tattoo was a stunning portrait of social media star Lexa, 28, wearing her bridal veil and grinning after tying the knot with MC Guime.

Now, after officially ending things in September, he’s eradicated most of her face after turning to a tattoo parlour to redraw the image.

The rapper’s new and improved tat shows an unrecognisable Lexa, who has 20 million Instagram followers, with a bandana over her mouth and nose and a trucker’s cap pulled low on her head.

He shared the new image of his tattoo on Instagram, where he has over 10 million followers, tagging Nautica Tattoo Premium and artist Jorge Mitsunaga.

One fan commented: “Tattoo Lexa rocks her cap and bandana.”

Another wasn’t such a fan: “Tried to cover the tattoo but it didn’t work out mate!”

The pair got married in 2018 and after they split this September, Lexa told her fans: “Guime and I are no longer together, we tried, but we decided to go our separate ways.”

She added: “Out of respect for the fans, I’m speaking out, but I don’t want to talk about the subject anymore.”

Another rather famous face got his wife’s tattoo covered up with a bizarre animal.

Legend Sylvester Stallone has been married to Jennifer Flavin for 25 years but got her face covered up with Butkus the dog, from Rocky.

Sylvester used to have a large colour portrait of Jennifer inked over his right shoulder, framed by red roses.

And Max George covered up his tattoo tribute to ex Stacey Giggs after moving in with his new girl.

The pop star spent seven hours having his arm inked with a lion and a rose in Fulham, South London.

NewsflashFans weren’t sure what to think of his new and improved ink[/caption]

The rapper only recently covered up his tattooNewsflash

NewsflashLexa and MC Guime dated for three years before marrying in 2018[/caption]


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