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A pair of illegal immigrants who bungled a burglary have said they were glad to be kicked out of the UK because it is too cold.

Sebastiano Gjoni, 23, and Skelidano Koliqi, 26, targeted a £1.5million mansion in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, but when they forced their way in they discovered the owners still at home.

Albanian nationals, Gjoni and Koliqi fled as the inhabitants yelled, “Robbers, robbers”, locking themselves in a bedroom.

But they left footprints in the snow which led police straight to them shivering in a freezing ditch.

Gjoni told investigators: ”I’m glad we were caught. It’s extremely cold here. We’ve got nowhere to go.”

He was jailed for 28 months while Koliqi was handed an 18 month sentence after the pair admitted burglary.

Both men had sneaked into Britain illegally with the aim of getting jobs in the building industry, but they will be deported back to Albania on their release from jail.

Gjoni raided a £3m property only five days before the botched burglary, Chester Crown Court heard.

He made off with £1,000 worth of jewellery and perfume, according to The Sun.

Encouraged by his success, he and Koliqi then targeted the mansion in Alderley Edge, which is home to a number of Premier League footballers.

The pair drove 300 miles from Haringey, north London, on January 18 this year and broke in while the owners were asleep in bed.

But a noise disturbed one of the family who then looked outside to find a man coming up the stairs.

Police officers arrived 13 minutes later and arrested the bungling burglars.

Prosecutor Patrick Gartland said: “Gjoni told police he had not wanted to cause any damage and said he was happy he was caught.

“He said it was extremely cold, and they did not know where to go. Both defendants are in the country illegally and will face deportation to Albania.

”Koliqi was asked about his employment and said he did cash in hand labour for about £50 to £60 a day. Gjoni said he was homeless, had no job and had been living here illegally since 2018.”

Judge Patrick Thompson, sentencing the pair, said they would serve half their sentences before likely being deported back to Albania.

He added: “The owners must have been terrified at the thought of two intruders in their home.”

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