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A JILTED husband flogged off all of his wife’s clothes at a car boot sale after she left him for his brother – and spent the earnings on pizza.

Maximo had been with his wife for 24 years – and his brother with his partner for 28 – when the unlikely pair ran off together, he claimed.

A man sold his wife’s clothes from the boot of a car after she supposedly left him for his brotherJam Press

Video of the car boot sale has gone viral on TikTokJam Press

The jilted husband decided to flog each item of clothing for MXN 20 (90p)Jam Press

Shattered and desperate to erase the memory of his wife, Maximo wanted to burn every item of clothing she owned.

He voiced his idea in a video shared to TikTok but was quickly shut down by other users who suggested he sell her clothes instead.

The man, who lives in Mexico, decided he would sell each item for MXN 20 (90p) and use the earnings to buy food for people in need.

He said in a video: “I’m on my way to do a good deed for charity.

“My old lady left me for someone else so I will sell all her clothes to raise funds.”

Maximo said he made MXN 1,640 (£74) in profit by flogging off his wife’s blouses, skirts, T-shirts, and accessories and used the funds to buy pizzas for people in his neighbourhood.

A video shared to his TikTok page, which was viewed more than five million times, showed his wife’s belongings laid out in the boot of a car with a bright green sign advertising they were up for sale.

Scrawled on the sign were the words, translated from Spanish: “My old lady went with someone else. I sell all her clothes $20 per pizza.”

One user commented: “Well, the lady had a lot of clothes.”

Another wrote: “I don’t judge. I married my ex’s cousin. He saw how badly I was treated and we got together two years after separating.”

Someone else said: “I believe things happen for a reason. You have to let go of things that aren’t meant to be.”

Another person wrote: “Poor man can’t find a way to get rid of his pain, he should seek help.”

Another TikTok video went viral this month portraying a wedding ceremony where a woman married a much shorter man.

Samanda Di Fede was shocked when trolls came after her partner just because he was smaller in stature than she.

But the bride said she wasn’t going to let the keyboard warriors get her down, adding her new husband Stephen oozed confidence and kindness.

Meanwhile, TikTok user Monica revealed how she secured free accommodation, food, and other activities in the Maldives without spending a penny.

The young woman was originally invited to the tropical holiday destination on a free trip with work but managed to extend her stay at no extra cost.

She said in a TikTok video: “So you know what I did, I applied to a work exchange, and within like two hours, they replied to me.

“And now I have free housing, free scuba diving, and free food for a month in exchange for me working in a juice bar on an island in the Maldives.”

Maximo sold the garments for MXN 1,640 (£74) and spent the earnings on pizzaJam Press

The jilted husband said he wanted to ‘do a good deed for charity’Jam Press


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