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NEW YORK — Theresa started off the week excited and showing off some exercises in the wake of her drama with Kathy, but she’s determined to have a fresh start. As the women talked about how badly they wanted to get a one-on-one date with Gerry, Trista Sutter, the OG “Bachelorette” walked into Bachelor Mansion. Trista gushed about how her season was 20 years ago and she remains happily married to her pick Ryan Sutter.

Theresa told Trista that she had a one-on-one with Gerry and shared all of the fun details of their date with her…all while Kathy sat there, visibly upset. Theresa can’t help herself! Trista dropped off a date card that read, “Ellen, Sandra, Susan, Nancy, April, Theresa, Kathy, Faith, let’s play pickleball!” That meant that Leslie would get this week’s one-on-one date.

Group Date Pickleball!

Gerry is just super excited to play one of his favorite sports and hang out with eight women who are fawning over him! Joey, your next “Bachelor” was there to provide pointers alongside Trista. He looked great! They practiced dinking and were having a good time when April fell down! She thinks that she might broken her ankle…um, what’s that, “Actually, I’m totally fine,” April revealed! That sneaky lady! She just wanted to snuggle up to Gerry.

Ellen plays four times a week and is basically a semi-pro! She was paired up with Kathy. Sandra was missing her daughter’s wedding to be there and even dove into the crowd to hit the ball at one point! The women were ultra-competitive! They were incredible. In the end, Kathy and Ellen won and they both (ew) kissed Gerry. They also got their pictures in InPickleball Magazine.

“She told me, I have your guy, go get yours!” Sandra said to Gerry about missing her daughter’s wedding. Gerry couldn’t believe it and insisted they FaceTime her daughter. Gerry shared his congratulations and her daughter said, “Mommy, we did it!” It was so sweet, congratulations to her daughter!

Group Date Drama

Theresa pulled Kathy aside to try to put water under the bridge. She wanted to make sure everything is ok. Kathy begged Theresa to just not tell her details. Theresa tried to tell Kathy that she meant no harm and Kathy was pretty mean to her and ended the conversation with, “Zip it.” I did not love the tone Kathy took. It’s just ridiculous. I almost want Theresa to dish it right back, but she took the high road.

Gerry meantime, had great conversations with all of the women, especially Faith. She told Gerry she’s holding a piece of her heart for him. I think she was trying to nudge him, “hurry up, give me a date!”

Theresa and Gerry rehashed what happened between her and Kathy. They went over what was said and Theresa revealed her thoughts and said that during the conversation that day, Kathy said, “Just snip it, just snip it.” It was actually “Zip it” but let’s chalk it up to maybe just not hearing her in the outdoors. Gerry did not love hearing that and he’s finding it disappointing. He took Kathy to talk to get her side of the story. Gerry asked her about saying, “Zip it.” “I’m not a villain here,” Kathy said. Gerry ended the conversation by saying, “Thank you.” Eek. In the end, Gerry gave the group date rose to Sandra!

Leslie’s One-on-One Date

Gerry drove up in an ATV and greeted Leslie with a big hug. “I’m ready to get dirty!” Leslie said. He showed her how to operate her vehicle and they took off riding. Leslie confided in her interview that she was a little scared because they were going fast and she didn’t know if she would tip over. Gerry did keep looking back to make sure she was ok, and then told her to go first and lead them. That seemed to work better so she could go at her own pace. “I feel so special and cared for,” she said. Then she boarded his ATV, wrapped her arms around him, and they drove off. She loved every minute!

Never Have I Ever

Back at the house, the ladies they played “Never Have I Ever” with ice cream. April kissed another woman’s husband, had sex at work (Sandra too). Everyone minus Kathy has had sex in a car. Kathy says she’s got a lot of catching up to do. Susan revealed she’d even been with a woman. Poor Sandra said that she’s lactose intolerant, so hopefully she doesn’t regret that ice cream.

One-on-One Part 2 with Leslie

Leslie told Gerry that he embodies all the best parts of a man that she could ever want. “I don’t have the best picker,” she confided. She’s been divorced twice and was a single mom. She told Gerry that she didn’t know how she got through it at times. But now, her kids have her back. Leslie has been single for 22 years. She’s had boyfriends, but has not been married for a long time. Gerry kissed her and Leslie says that they have definitely taken their relationship to the next level. “The feeling I have with her is just really warm, affectionate closeness.” They moved their date to the hot tub and Gerry offered her the date rose!

Cocktail Party

Gerry went into the afternoon hopeful and riding high off his one-on-one with Leslie. Now he had to see if he could further his relationship with some of the other women like Susan. He gave her a rose quartz crystal, he said empathy and strength, which the crystal represents, remind him of his wife Toni and he thinks Susan has those qualities too. She was overjoyed.

Kathy was dismayed to see Gerry kissing other people and even asked Susan to see her crystal. So much for not wanting to know anything!

Ellen pulled Gerry aside and shared with him that she’s falling in love with him! He cried at the words and said that he never imagined feeling the way he feels. Ellen said that she feels a spark and she’s so happy. Upon hearing her declaration of love, he kissed her, but said, “I feel it, I feel your emotion, I’m in the same place.” The last time he heard those words was with his wife of 43 years.

Nancy Says Goodbye

Nancy meantime, realized that she’s fallen behind in Gerry’s eyes. She doesn’t feel that he’s as passionate with her as he is with the others. “I really am not going to dispute that,” Gerry said. He started to cry, she wished him well, and that was the end of Nancy! Kathy and Ellen also cried as Nancy left.

Rose Ceremony

1) Sandra (group date rose)

2) Leslie (one-on-one rose)

3) Ellen

4) Faith

5) Susan

6) Theresa

That meant that Kathy and April would be going home. I’ll miss April…don’t let the door hit you on the way out Kathy.

Next Week

The roses Gerry hands out next week mean that he wants to meet those women’s families! We also got a sneak peek of the drama that is coming up the rest of the season. Hopefully Gerry can find his happily ever after!

“The Golden Bachelor” airs Thursday nights with “Bachelor in Paradise” following on ABC.

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