Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

IF you can spot the arrivals board in this dizzying image of departures signs, you could have a top IQ.

The mind boggling image, created by Airport Parking and Hotels, challenges you to find the sign in just 28 seconds.

Airport Parking and HotelsThe dizzying graphic has dozens of departure signs[/caption]

Finding your way in an airport with countless signs can lead travellers in different directions and often feel like solving a complicated puzzle. 

The average person takes about 28 seconds to find the arrivals sign – can you spot it in time?

While you have a search for the elusive sign, why not try some other aviation themed brain teasers?

In this image, countless white planes are flying out from a centre point, but only one is flying inwards.

It could be the perfect puzzle to keep your kids entertained at the airport, if you’re jetting off sometime soon.

And in this tricky puzzle, you’re challenged to spot three differences between the plane cartoons in just ten seconds.

The puzzle challenges you test your eyesight and brainpower while keeping within a time limit.

If you’re a fan of childhood cartoons, then try spotting the Pikachu hiding among the Charlie Browns in just five seconds.

Or if you want to test your IQ, try and figure out why the water changes colour in this mind-boggling optical illusion.

And if you think you’re an optimist, give this illusion game a go – what you see first could reveal a lot about your personality.

Time’s up – did you find the arrivals board in time?

Don’t fret if you didn’t, as we’ve circled the answer for you below.

Airport Parking and HotelsWere you able to spot the arrivals sign in time?[/caption]


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