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It’s a deja-brew.

A nearly 70-year-old bottle of beer was found inside the wall of a Delaware home — and the person who put it there left a cheeky message for a future finder.

The green bottle of long-defunct Gunther beer was found by a man who was conducting a hazardous material survey on the house, which is over 100 years old.

“I have never found anything like it after 17 years and over 3,000 demolition inspections of every type of building or facility you can think of,” the man, who only gave his name as David, told Newsweek.

On the bottle’s label someone had scribbled: “This bottle was put in here by the plumber on 3/25/55” more than 68 years ago.

David said the entire inspection team was shocked by the find.

“I initially thought it was a bottle filled with urine, as I have seen that many times throughout my career, drywall workers are notorious for this as they work hard and do not get many breaks,” he told the outlet.

“Once we realized it was an empty beer bottle, we thought it was pretty cool, then we noticed the note on it and were blown away,” he said. “We all stopped working to admire it and speculate about its origin, the plumber, and what was going on in the year 1955.

The house, which is in “poor condition” is being demolished to make space for a parking lot, David said.

David posted the bottle and message on Reddit’s r/mildlyinteresting subreddit, where others shared what secrets they’ve also found hidden in walls through housework.

The house where it was found is being demolished to make way for a parking lot.
A plumber apparently wrote a note on the bottle before placing it inside of the wall in March, 1955.

“I found one in my home when remodeling. It was in the bathroom. There was a note from 1912 when the house was built, one from 1945 when it was remodeled—talked a lot about the war and how their son died—one from 1976, and then the one from 2014 that I left. All the same jar,” one redditor wrote.

Gunther Brewing Company was based in Baltimore and dates back to before Prohibition, according to Newsweek. The brewery churned out 800,000 barrels of beer per year and employed around 600 people.

The company stopped brewing1960, when it was bought by Hamm’s Brewing Company, which later became part of Miller Brewing Company.

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