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Cher says she had nothing to do with the alleged “kidnapping” of her adult son — this despite the fact her daughter-in-law has claimed the whole thing was orchestrated by mom.

The singer was asked point blank about this by the New York Post, which did a new interview with her chronicling her career and legacy. During the chat, they brought up this bizarre story that surfaced last month … courtesy of Marieangela King (aka Queenie).

In recent court docs pertaining to her ongoing divorce from Cher’s son, Elijah Blue Allman, King made a startling allegation … namely, that Cher supposedly had Elijah forcibly taken from his hotel room in late 2022 … this while he and MK were attempting to reconcile.

Per Daily Mail, Elijah had been staying at a hotel in L.A. for several months at the time — allegedly battling substance abuse — when this staged abduction/intervention took place … so says King in a declaration she made in court. She claims that, as they were talking in his room, four men stormed in and snatched Elijah against his will … dragging him away.

King alleges that one of the men revealed to her that Elijah’s mom, Cher, had actually hired them — adding in her court paperwork, “I am currently unaware of my husband’s wellbeing or whereabouts. I am very concerned and worried about him.” She also said she believed he was at a rehab facility at an undisclosed location … without access to his phone.

Now, one month after all these revelations surfaced … Cher is outright denying any involvement. She told the Post, “I didn’t do it, and if I did it, I wouldn’t say I did it.”

She adds, “You never stop being a mom — you go to the end, you go to the mattresses when you’re trying to save your children. But I didn’t do it. And if I did it, I wouldn’t care to tell you.” Interestingly, this echoes what she told People about 2 weeks ago.

At the time, she said … “I’m a mother. This is my job — one way or another, to try to help my children. You do anything for your children. Whenever you can help them, you just do it because that’s what being a mother is. But it’s joy, even with heartache — mostly, when you think of your children, you just smile and you love them, and you try to be there for them.”

FWIW … Elijah’s father, Gregg Allman, died in 2017 from complications tied to liver cancer. Also, we’ve reached out to Cher’s team for further comment — so far, no word back.

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