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The Doctor and Donna finally reunite in the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials, bringing both sweetness and bitterness to their long-awaited meeting.
Donna’s memories of being DoctorDonna were erased, leaving her with a half-concluded story and a tragic fate that this reunion may rectify.
After meeting the Doctor again, external forces could determine whether Donna lives or dies as DoctorDonna.

A new promotional image for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials features David Tennant’s Doctor finally reuniting with Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble. The two were originally separated in season 4 after Donna was left unable to recall her time with the Doctor. With the 60th Anniversary on the way, Tennant is reprising his role as the Doctor, and he will be forced to come face-to-face with the companion that he failed to protect.

To prepare for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials, the BBC took to Twitter to reveal an image that reunites the Doctor with Donna. Check it out below:

In the image, the Doctor is holding a sonic screwdriver, while looking back at a stunned Donna. They appear to be in an attic, and Donna’s mother is climbing up to meet them. Another man stands behind Donna and her mother. It is difficult to identify the character, as he is shrouded in shadow.

The Long-Awaited Reunion Between The Doctor And Donna

For the Doctor, it has been hundreds of years since Donna Noble first became the DoctorDonna. Ever since then, he has lived with the knowledge that he was forced to take away all the memories that made Donna believe that she was truly special. While their reunion has been long-awaited, it represents a bittersweet moment for a pair that were once the galaxy’s greatest friends.

The sweetness of the reunion is self-evident, as the two deserve the opportunity to have a fulfilling conclusion to their companionship. Donna was left with a half-concluded story. She is forever tied to memories that she is never allowed to recall. The Doctor, meanwhile, can never offer her an actual farewell. It’s a tragic fate that this meeting will be able to rectify.

The bitterness is even more apparent. If Donna remembers her time as DoctorDonna, it will kill her. Every second that the Doctor spends at Donna’s side puts her life at risk, yet the Celestial Toymaker’s return indicates that exterior forces could force him to be beside her. This reunion could end with either Donna’s death or the permanent return or expulsion of DoctorDonna. However the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials handle Donna’s reunion with the Doctor, that bittersweet element will be profound.

Source: BBC / Twitter

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