Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The widened track will remain a part of the Audi RS look, even well into the electric future. “In other words, the brawny look that clearly distinguishes the RS [lineup] from their respective base models.”

Lichte added that the gap between RS models and the vehicles they’re based on will widen in the coming years.

Of course, aerodynamics will play a significant role in developing new Audi RS cars. The head designer notes that range is an important factor in buying electric vehicles. A wind-cheating shape increases range without needing a larger, heavier battery.

“More efficient aerodynamics for longer range is the solution. To achieve that, we keep tweaking it together with our aerodynamicists until there’s no more room for improvement.”

But that doesn’t mean future Audi’s will be characterless aerodynamic blobs. Lichte says that Audis, particularly the sportiest models, must “exude an air of timelessness.”

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