Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Couples that get together do not have to dress together, so says the latest photo of alleged celebrity duo Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper.

In new snaps of the pair walking umbrella-less through the rainy streets of New York, 28-year-old Hadid looks every bit an off-duty model in an oversized luxe wool coat, grey beanie, and skinny black sunglasses. Meanwhile, 48-year-old Cooper wore literal Ellen Degeneres brand boxers underneath baggy sweatpants. I’m not sure where the supposed couple was off to, but it’s giving me flashbacks to Justin and Hailey Bieber’s controversial venture to her Rhode Beauty event in August.

Obviously, Hadid and Cooper’s mismatched aesthetic was considerably less jarring given the casual nature of the outing and the pair’s mutual affinity for sneakers. I’m just saying that her mini black purse definitely does not match his hulking backpack (insert “ludicrously capacious bag” meme here).

Whatever you think of their ensembles (which can be viewed here), Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper appeared to walk very closely together, adding more fuel to recent dating rumors. The unexpected pair were first linked romantically in early October when they were photographed getting in the same vehicle following dinner at NYC restaurant Via Carota. Just a few days later, the pair were spotted together again, with sources telling People that their relationship is “super casual” but “there is an attraction.”

Bradley Cooper in NYC on October 17, 2023.


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