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Mia, 5, found half a potato and some crumbs inside her crisp packet (Pictures: Daily Echo/Solent News)

A five-year-old girl was, understandably, ‘confused’ to discover half a potato and a few crumbs inside her cheese and onion crisp bag.

Mia’s bag came from a multi-pack of Aldi Snackrite ridged, thick-cut cut crisps, bought by her mum Alice Upson.

Alice, a 34-year-old carer, said: ‘When Mia opened the packet, she was confused because she could see something else was in there.

‘She called me over to have a look and we were shocked because at first we didn’t know what it was.’

Initially, the mum-of-three, from Southampton, feared the lump might be a ‘dead rat’, but soon realised that it was, in fact, half a potato.

‘It caught us by surprise – you don’t expect this sort of thing to happen so were wondering what on earth it was,’ she said.

‘Then, when we realised it was a potato, we couldn’t believe it.

The bag, from an Aldi Snackrite multi-pack, was supposed to contain thick cut, ridged crisps (Picture: Daily Echo/Solent News)

‘It’s more amusing than worrying – I found it quite funny.’

‘Mia is our youngest child and I don’t think she fully understands yet that crisps come from potatoes, but even so the whole thing is bizarre.

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‘We did check the other packets to see if they were the same. Fortunately this was the only one.

‘At least it shows potatoes are involved in making the crisps and it’s been an education for Mia.’

Alice, who bought the multipack at a store in Southampton, complained to Aldi and was told they could have a refund.

Mia called her mum Alice Upson over to have a look (Picture: Daily Echo/Solent News)

Alice said she found the whole thing ‘more amusing than worrying’ (Picture: Daily Echo/Solent News)

An Aldi spokesperson said: ‘We apologise that this product did not meet our usual high standards.

‘Aldi customers can return any item they are not happy with for a full refund.’

If you thought half a potato was unusual, last year a woman found a whole one in her packet of crisps.

Helen Reed from West Yorkshire said the rogue vegetable, discovered in a packet of crisps by the brand REAL, was ‘soggy’ and ‘smelly’.

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