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Mickie James believes IMPACT Wrestling is still the company that everyone is sleeping on.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Mickie James recently sat down with Scott Fishman of TV Insider. When asked if her current run in IMPACT is a continuation of “The Last Rodeo” or a brand new chapter, James confirmed this is a brand new chapter of her career.

“For the “Last Rodeo,” it was if I can’t win the championship one more time then I don’t deserve to be here anymore,” Mickie James said. “There is a whole crop of women who trained and got into wrestling because they love wrestling and wanted to be wrestlers because of women like myself, Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly, and Jaqueline. That’s really special, and because of that, the bar has been raised to a whole different level.

“Now not showing what we’re capable of, but what is expected, especially in the Knockouts division. Me winning the championship was ending that chapter. In saying that, there is a whole new mindset as we go into the Bound for Glory because Trinity is my friend. I hate to see her not as a champion with what she has done, but I also can’t see myself not as a champion. I think it’s a different level of competition. Whether I retire if I don’t win, I don’t think it’s a question.”

Win or lose, Mickie James isn’t done after Bound For Glory

When it was brought up that there was still more for her to do, James said there’s still a lot left to tell of her next chapter.

“I feel like I proved to myself that I do still belong and can still go,” Mickie James said. “It sucked I got hurt with a broken rib. It was something that I thought would hold me back like it did. I’ve had a broken rib before. It was the placement of it and how it affected breathing because it was so high up on my ribcage. I think because it was right under the shoulder I injured before too.

“But you muscle through a lot of things. It was frustrating. I don’t think I’m going to be done regardless at Bound for Glory, but obviously, I have a lot more to think about now. There have been a lot of changes, even the last week, for me and my family on a personal level. I think I have a lot more going on that is heavy on my mind and heavy in my heart about what is the next chapter for Mickie James. If I don’t win, what is that going to look like?”

IMPACT Wrestling is winning back its audience one week at a time

When asked about IMPACT consistently producing great programming and bringing back lapsed fans one at a time, James said she wishes more people got behind them from the start as they did with All Elite Wrestling.

“This is a legitimate opinion of someone in the industry. I wish the fans would have gotten behind Impact the way they have with the AEW from the start,” Mickie James said. “You look at what Impact has done through 20 years where they did 2 million viewers at their highest. I just wish fans had gotten behind Impact because we may be singing a different tune today.

“I feel like a lot of people sleep on the Impact. It has one of the best locker rooms. The best women’s division, and the greatest opportunities if you are a performer to define, redefine, and create something special. And doing it alongside a team that believes in you and really wants you to succeed. I feel there are a lot of women who choose and want to be at Ippact because of the opportunities provided. It’s the place to grow and build a name.

IMPACT has longevity

“You look at AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and even CM Punk who was at Impact in its early days. All these people who have come through and really created and made their careers. I hope the longevity speaks for itself. The fact Impact has been able to stick around for 20 years and has this rich library, it’s pretty remarkable. I want the wrestling business to win and my friends to have a place to work. I think the competition is beautiful. The more people who just love wrestling and enjoy it. I hope they will still stick around and watch Impact.

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What do you make of Mickie James’ comments? Are you excited for her match against Trinity at Bound For Glory this weekend? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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