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Mickie James will be facing off against Trinity for the Knockouts Championship at Saturday night’s Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory pay-per-view event.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Under the Ring” podcast, the former WWE “Diva” commented on Trinity’s decision to join Impact Wrestling, why she believes the former Naomi made a great choice, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Trinity joining Impact: “It was a huge move, I think it was a great choice and a great fit for her as well. I love IMPACT so much and I have a lot of love and loyalty for them for how they promote the women and promote the knockouts, and the freedom of your character, the freedom of the match styles and time, and the true equality across the board. I think it was a great fit for me and of course, I was really sad to be out and relinquish the title, but then, I knew Trinity was looking to find her place and where she was going, it was just a matter of time to find out where she was going to end up. I knew she was going to shine no matter where she went, and I’m grateful she chose IMPACT because I do think she is so different than any other Knockout — and that’s one thing about the Knockouts locker room, every woman is so different and dynamic, and that makes for a good mix back there. Yeah, I was excited to see her come in and obviously, she came in, she made her mission known that she wanted to be champion, which I don’t blame her. If you don’t want to be champion, I don’t know what you’re doing honestly, because that’s the end goal — maybe that’s a championship mindset. In my opinion, you should always want to be the best and if you’re not [looking] for that, you’re wasting time whether it’s my time, the company’s time, time is way too valuable to waste and you should never settle for less than the best, and the people have really gotten behind her. I feel like they’ve fallen in love with her in a whole other capacity.”

On Trinity winning the title that James had to relinquish: “I was honored, I was honored to see her come in and shine. In fact, I was cleared for a while, I’ve been cleared for a while before I came back for IMPACT 1000. But, I was so excited for my friend and I was so excited to see her winning and glowing and seeing the IMPACT Zone just really embrace her as their champion. It was beautiful. But also, as I’m sitting there in the wings watching her shine with her title, it was bittersweet because I’m watching my friend shine and glow, but I still had that quest for gold and I still had that piece of me eating at me going, ‘You didn’t lose that.’ I was on a real high after the last rodeo and to be sidelined with an injury is really frustrating, it just kind of put a stop to everything. I was in a weird place about it, but coming back at IMPACT 1000, I think it reset and reminded me of why I love this business so much, and the people, and the electricity in the building, and the fire you feel when you’re out there. It was like, ‘Oh yeah, I do love this so, so much.’”

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