Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

ONLY those with perfect vision and a high intelligence are able to spy the cat lurking amongst this group of pigeons.

The flock of pigeons has a feline in its midst – but those online are struggling to find it.

NaturesMenuAmongst the pigeons, a cat is hiding[/caption]

The challenge is made even more difficult given you have just 18 seconds to spot the kitty.

Ready to have a gander to find the elusive cat?

While you have a search around, why not try some of our other fiendishly difficult optical illusions?

This mind boggling puzzle has baffled the internet and left many scratching their heads trying to find the furry feline hiding in the image.

If you can spot the snake camouflaged into the sand then you have the eyes of a hawk!

Or test your driving IQ and beat the 15 second record by spotting all the hazards in just 15 seconds.

The feline can be found squeezed into the small space under the TV, if you are a cat owner then you will know this is typical behaviour for the pets.

Pics of camouflaged animals often capture social media’s attention as they are not only entertaining, but also great exercise for your brain.

And TikTokers have been left stumped as they’re challenged to find an elusive moggy in this messy room – in only seconds.

The cat, named Goose, has a penchant for finding perfect hiding spots, and her latest choice has proved difficult to find.

We previously challenged you to find Goose amongst the pile of clothes and messy closet.

If you can spot the sneaky dog in this confusing image then you might just have 20/20 vision.

Why not try your hand at this tricky brainteaser which is challenging Brits to spot the cat amongst the humans – and the time to beat is just 4 seconds.

Fancy another challenge? Can you find the loo roll hidden in this brainteaser?

Your time is up to spot the cat hidden with the pigeons – were you able to spot the moggy?

Take a closer look in the lower right hand corner of the image – you may spy a cute pair of cat ears poking out.

If you still haven’t managed to find the answer, we’ve circled it for you below.

NaturesMenuThe cat can be seen lurking in the right hand side[/caption]


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