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In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker and Miles Morales have teamed up to fight crime, and they will need the best suit tech to do it. Fortunately, their collective efforts mean they also get to share upgrades to their Suit Tech, Gadgets, and a shared Skill Tree. This makes it important to pick the right upgrades to make them both the strongest Spider-Men they can be.

Unlike the Skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the Suit Tech upgrades are unlocked a little later in the game but are important for building up abilities and health. There are four Suit Tech trees: Health, Damage, Focus, and Traversal, each having its own unique upgrades. The following list contains the unique upgrades that are the best ones to focus on as early as possible.

In between the more unique upgrades, each Suit Tech tree has two basic upgrades that improve the overall stats of each tree, such as a larger health bar or a bigger base damage. You must upgrade through these basic upgrades to get to the later, more unique upgrades. Additionally, for each “pair” of upgrades on the tree, players can only equip one of them at a time.

Confidence Boost (Health Tree)

Confidence Boost and Rejuvenating Parry are the first pair in the Health Suit Tech tree, which will be available to unlock at the same time. Of the two, Confidence Boost is likely to happen and benefit the player more often, as it is slightly easier and more likely to perform a Perfect Dodge than a Perfect Parry.

Confidence Boost will heal Spider-Man for a small amount of health when a Perfect Dodge happens and is worth investing in for the extra healing early.

The Best Defense (Health Tree)

Likewise, The Best Defense or Life Link can heal you for successfully making combos or using Web-Shooters, one of the best gadgets to upgrade early. The Best Defense is more consistent, as it’s every 10th hit on a combo, but if you use Web-Shooters the most out of your gear, get Life Link instead.

These are both good, but The Best Defense has the possibility to hit slightly more often.

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Focused Parry (Damage Tree)

The Focused Parry recharges Spider-Man’s abilities upon successful parries. Specifically, it is better than the Rejuvenating Parry because it does not have to be a Perfect Parry to trigger. The pair to this one, Air Marshall, is only effective in the air, and while both Peter and Miles have abilities that throw enemies into the air, recharging every ability is more useful than extra damage while in the air.

Combo King (Damage Tree)

This one pairs perfectly with the Focused Parry, in that Combo King recharges abilities on every 10th hit in a Combo. With this and The Best Defense active, Spider-Man will heal and recharge his abilities at the same time, making it a very effective management system. With other Skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, this mechanic can keep Peter and Miles fit and ready to fight crime.

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Target Acquisition (Focus Tree)

This one is much more heavily dependent on individual gameplay style, but being able to automatically tag enemies after scanning them is a big advantage in Stealth sections of the game. It is possible to switch as needed, so in big fights with hoards of enemies it might be well worth switching to Focused Strike, but it is very useful to have enemies tagged so that you do not accidentally trigger a nearby enemy.

Perfect Sight (Focus Tree)

While Eyes On Target also gives you information about tagged enemies, Perfect Sight has the potential to save your life once per encounter. This is a massive boost and can save a mission from sending you back to the last checkpoint. This can save you from a lot of frustration and allow you to streamline your experience a little more, making it a very important upgrade to get as soon as possible.

All Seeing (Traversal Tree)

The Traversal Tree is much more preference-based than the other trees, and it is a little lower priority-wise, as while web-swinging is a true delight in this series of games, making this experience smoother is fun but not quite as important as health and damage increases.

That being said, the All-Seeing Suit Tech upgrade is crucial, as it allows you to find Tech Parts much quicker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This allows you to upgrade everything you have faster, as you fight to keep the streets crime-free in New York.

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