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The adventure seen in The Lords of The Fallen acts like similar titles, Dark Souls or Lies of P, where there is much more to do even after beating the game. Multiple endings and various classes give a sense of replayability that might draw you back into the worlds of the Axiom and Umbral. The content of this Action-RPG allows you to experience new elements to your journey even after the credits have finished.

There are multiple points where you could be locked out of certain content in Lords of The Fallen, depending on the choices you make. These are incredibly subtle, making it easy to get forced into one course instead of having multiple options. Those who enjoy their experiences could be eager to start again and figure out exactly what they missed during their first adventure.

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7 Play As a Different Class

There are nine base classes and four hidden archetypes you can unlock to experience the beginning of the game in different ways. The Putrid Child, Lord, Dark Crusader, and Radiant Purifier in Lords of The Fallen have far greater variety in their stat distribution that can’t be compared to other classes. The starting equipment of each secret class contains new armor sets, weapons, spells, and more to explore.

You must create a new character entirely to experience a new class when starting back at the beginning since translating your previous build into New Game+ simply translates your build back to the game’s start.

Even if you haven’t gotten the hidden classes, you could just as easily have a fresh adventure by picking another available character type. The early challenge of making the right build for your class is one of the most appealing aspects of Lords of The Fallen‘s RPG gameplay. Changing from a melee-focused Hallowed Knight to a magic-wielding Orian Preacher could cause you to approach enemies unexpectedly.

6 Unlock Every Ending

There are three endings in Lords of The Fallen that are determined by the choices you made as you made your way through the Axiom and Umbral Realms. Finding these endings will unlock three of the secret classes mentioned earlier. The Radiant, Inferno, and Umbral conclusions all require very specific steps to reach and often are locked out from your character if you pick one path over another.

5 Spend Umbral Scouring on Different Items

A rare item you can find from boss drops is Umbral Scouring in Lords of The Fallen, a special currency that can be traded for incredibly powerful items. Vendors like Molhu will give Key Items, weapons, and other gear in exchange for a good amount of Scouring. However, these tools are expensive, forcing you to spend almost all your Umbral Scouring on only a few items as you explore every Realm available.

Due to the limited number of Scouring you find in a run, you won’t be able to purchase every special item in Lords of The Fallen. During a new playthrough, you can spend Umbral Scouring on objects you couldn’t have before to mix up your character’s inventory. While there may be a few pieces of gear that are objectively good to have every time, there are others that may be better suited for your next adventure.​​​​​​​

4 Hunt Down Other Lampbearers

The multiplayer seen by fast travel Vestiges allows you to “Slaughter Another Lampbearer” or hunt down other players online in their worlds. This is an excellent opportunity to test your character build in intense PvP battles. These skill tests can be enjoyable ways to find greater opponents than the AI-controlled bosses seen throughout the game, especially if you become too strong in New Game+.​​​​​​​

3 Help Your Friends in Co-Op Multiplayer

In the same way, online PvP can be entertaining, the Co-Op portion of Lords of The Fallen‘s multiplayer also lets you share your character’s strength with others. Also accessed through Vestiges found around both Realms, you may enter a random player’s world or join a friend’s world. Keep in mind that only the host player makes progress in their world with bosses and different quests.

Lampbearers on the same console can join games online with friends from their platform’s social systems and those on PC. For example, someone on PlayStation could join the world of someone on that console or PC, but not someone on Xbox.

2 Try a New Build

Whether you pick a different class or not, you may still spend your Vigor on Attributes you did not invest in before to alter your character’s strengths and weaknesses. Modifying your stats lets you use weapons or spells you did not meet the prerequisites for on a previous run-in Lords of The Fallen. This has the same effect as choosing another archetype, letting you slowly create something fresh instead of relying on a familiar yet boring route.

This may also change your relationship with certain NPCs throughout Lords of The Fallen. Some of the figures you find back at Skyrest Bridge may be people you only interact with once or twice, missing their stories completely because they needed more than your character could use. Discovering more about the figures from the world allows you to understand more about the game’s setting and how it affects those in it.​​​​​​​

1 Experience Other Games Like Lords of The Fallen

It should come as no shock that Lords of The Fallen takes inspiration from other titles, such as the games in the Dark Souls series. The term “Souls-like” certainly applies here, but many Action-RPGs share this trait that may be worth trying after you’ve done everything you can in the Axiom and Umbral Realms. Lies of P, in particular, stands out for having a more Victorian-era aesthetic than the dark fantasy seen in this reboot.

While there are many things to do after you beat The Lords of The Fallen, the best options depend on how much you enjoyed your experience and how ready you are to chase a new one.

Lords of the Fallen (2023)

PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S


CI Games

Fantasy, Action RPG

Action RPG

Unreal Engine 5


The Lords of the Fallen is a single-player/co-op Action-RPG set in a high fantasy setting, acting as a soft reboot of the original entry, Lords of the Fallen. Over a thousand years after the first game’s events, The Lords of the Fallen will set players in a massive world -one five times the size of the original – filled with NPC quests, dungeons, bosses, and other surprises that await. To navigate the lands between the living and the dead, players will fully customize their hero before embarking on the adventure. They can tackle the entire game solo or cooperatively with a friend online. The Lords of the Fallen emphasizes fast-action combat and a souls-like approach to world navigation. The release date hasn’t been set for the title, but it will be exclusively available on PC and next-generation consoles.

Lords of the Fallen

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