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With the Britney Spears-starring Crossroads set to reenter theaters this week to coincide with the release of her memoir The Woman in Me, the 2002 dramedy’s director discussed a potential sequel and eventual streaming availability in a new interview.

Spears writes at length about working on Crossroads in her book, saying she didn’t enjoy “method acting” for the film. “I hope I never get close to that occupational hazard again. Living that way, being half yourself and half a fictional character, is messed up. After a while you don’t know what’s real anymore,” Spears said of her one-and-only starring role.

Despite that experience, it was actually Spears who suggested that Crossroads — which wasn’t available on any streaming services — be rereleased in tandem with her memoir. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, director Tamra Davis said, “Sony called me because Britney called and got it picked up again because she wanted it to help launch her book. One phone call from Britney and it’s available!” 

Following its brief theatrical run this week, Davis anticipates a streaming release soon after. “I think that’s what they’re going to work on now, is getting a streaming deal. I’m sure we will. They’re dealing with offers now,” Davis said. “I had just seen it — I forget how many years ago — at a London film festival, and it was insane. The theater was crowded. People were singing along and I was like, this film is really important [and] should be available.”

Crossroads was penned by a pre-Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes, and even though the showrunner is busy with other projects within her Shondaland, Davis admits Rhimes had “an idea” for a potential sequel, and that Spears’ team is at least looped into the conversation.


“I’m currently working with Van Toffler, who was the producer on it, and he’s [mentioned it]. I think he’s been talking to Britney about it, with her management,” Davis said. “Britney, I don’t think she really wants to act so much, but I know Ann spoke to Shonda about something, and Shonda had an idea, so who knows if that will have life. But if it does, fingers crossed that Shonda’s involved because she’s just so brilliant. You could see on her first feature film what an incredible voice she had and her understanding of female characters.”

Despite being critically ravaged upon its release, the film is beloved by Spears fans, who will have the opportunity to see Crossroads on the big screen on October 23 and 25 at one of the nearly 900 movie theaters screening the movie nationwide. The screenings are sandwiched around the October 24 release of The Woman in Me, which is packed with bombshell revelations.

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