Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Complementing more conventional speech recognition tools in DS Automobiles models, ChatGPT turns the infotainment system into more of a companion for the driver. Its ability to process and quickly learn from large amounts of data helps the tool converse with the driver fluidly while providing detailed answers to questions. It can also complete tasks.

The driver begins the interaction by saying “OK Iris” or pressing a button on the steering wheel. In the video example above, the system can be prompted to tell an exciting story to keep kids entertained on long trips. You can also ask the system for recipes, cultural gems, quizzes, or for more information on a place you’re visiting at your next destination. The possibilities are endless.

Considering that the design boss for DS has a disdain for touchscreens, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that an advanced tool like ChatGPT, requiring only natural speech, has made it inside the brand’s cars.

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