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Will Ospreay and “Speedball” Mike Bailey put on an impressive showing on Saturday night. Ospreay walked away with his arm raised, beating Bailey after hitting Hidden Blade and a Storm Cutter for the pinfall win.


Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

Mike Bailey vs. Will Ospreay

Lock up to start, Ospreay backs Bailey into the ropes. They flip around each other before Ospreay goes to the apron. Bailey lands a couple of kicks and then hits a moonsault out of the corner and out of the ring. Ospreay comes back with a big boot in the ring and then a diving crossbody to the outside. Back in, Ospreay delivers corner chops. Bailey hits a hip toss before Ospreay attempts a headlock. Bailey unloads with kicks to the chest but Ospreay responds with a chop. Ospreay then chops Bailey off the rope and out of the ring.

Ospreay slides out but Bailey leaps over with a moonsault off the ropes and they both go down. Bailey catches Ospreay with more kicks in the ring and then rallies the crowd. Ospreay ducks kicks at first but then eats one. They flip around each other again until Ospreay lands a big kick. Ospreay flies back in with a forearm, cover. Ospreay runs to the corner with a boot and then delivers another superkick. Ospreay goes for a buckle bomb but Mike escapes. Bailey catches Ospreay with a backslide for a two.

Bailey unloads with more kicks and then a poisonrana. Will gets on the apron and Mike kicks his legs out from him. Bailey goes for a backflip but then Will boots him into the post. Ospreay lands a cutter on the apron and they both fall to the floor. They beat the count out as Ospreay lands a dropkick followed by Oscutter for a nearfall. Both men collide and go down as the crowd errupts.

Ospreay goes for another cutter but Bailey catches him with a lungblower. Bailey lands Ultimo Weapon while Ospreay is standing, nearfall. Bailey sets up for the tornado kick but Ospreay cuts him off with an elbow. Bailey fires back with a kick and then a double knees. Bailey takes Ospreay up top for a flipping buster, nearfall. Bailey finally lands the tornado kick and then tries the Flamingo Driver but Ospreay escapes. He connects with a Styles Clash, kickout. Storm Driver 93 on Bailey but he kicks out again. The ref checks on Bailey as he struggles to get up. Ospreay hits Hidden Blade followed by Storm Cutter for the pinfall win.

Winner: Will Ospreay

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