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Sonny Kiss made a surprise appearance at Bound For Glory on Saturday night.

Kiss made her debut as an entrant in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet battle royal. Kiss did not record an elimination in the match; she was eliminated by Brian Myers and Matt Cardona.

Kiss’s contract with AEW expired in September. This is Sonny Kiss’ first match for a major wrestling promotion since appearing on the July 27 episode of Ring Of Honor television. Since leaving AEW, Kiss has also wrestled for GCW, House of Glory and WrestlePro, among others.

Jordynne Grace went on to win the match, pinning Bully Ray for the final elimination. After the match, Grace declared she would challenge for the Knockouts title at Hard To Kill in January.

Order of Entry 

Jake Something 
Eddie Edwards
Kenny King 
Juventud Guerrera 
Johnny Swinger 
Gisele Shaw 
Jody Threat 
KiLynn King 
Sonny Kiss 
Bully Ray 
Matt Cardona 
Jordynne Grace 
Eric Young 
Joe Hendry 
Brian Myers 
Frankie Kazarian 
Rich Swann 
Jonathan Gresham 
Dirty Dango 


Kenny King via Juventud Guerrera 
Johnny Swinger via Gisele Shaw 
Juventud Guerrera via Eddie Edwards 
Gisele Shaw via Sonny Kiss 
Eddie Edwards via Eric Young 
Joe Hendry via Brian Myers 
Sonny Kiss via Brian Myers and Matt Cardona 
Heath via Brian Myers 
Jody Threat via Jonathan Gresham 
Dirty Dango via Jake Something 
Kazarian via Brian Myers and Matt Cardona
Rich Swann via Jonathan Gresham 
Eric Young via Matt Cardona 
Jonathan Gresham via Jake Something 
Jake Something via Brian Myers and Matt Cardona
Brian Myers via Matt Cardona 
KiLynn King via Bully Ray 
Matt Cardona via Jordynne Grace 
Bully Ray via Jordynne Grace (via pinfall per stipulation of the match) 


Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

Call Your Shot Gauntlet

Jake Something and Eddie Edwards start the bout with back and forth. Jake whips Eddie across the ring before Kenny King comes out as #3. King helps Eddie and they hug as an Honor No More reunion. Juventud Guerrera enters as a surprise at #4. Juve drops Eddie and King with double DDT. Juve punches Sheldon Jean off the apron before King hits Juve with a spinebuster. Johnny Swinger is #5. King drives Swinger into the turnbuckle and drops him on his face. Juve swings King around and then clotheslines him out for the first elimination.

Crazzy Steve attacks Swinger and security has to take him out. Gisele Shaw is #6 and eliminates Swinger before Steve tries to stab him with a fork. Dreamer runs down and brawls with Steve. Jody Threat is #7 and she scraps with Shaw. Evans and Vidal save Shaw from falling out of the ring. #8 is KiLynn King and she goes after Threat by slamming her into the turnbuckle. Shaw runs after Threat with a corner uppercut. Juve and Eddie work each other until Eddie bumps him off the apron.

#9 is Sonny Kiss! Kiss kicks Shaw in the head and presses her off the top by throwing her onto Evans and Vidal. #10 is Bully Ray and he comes face to face with Kiss. Kiss flaunts in front of him and then Bully dances with Kiss. Matt Cardona is #11. Bully holds Cardona so Kiss can splash onto his crotch. #12 is Jordynne Grace and she comes face to face with Bully. Eddie takes Bully to the corner instead before EY is #13. EY eliminates Eddie.

#14 is Joe Hendry and he kicks Cardona right away before dropping him with a fallaway slam. Brian Myers is #15 and he spears Hendry. Cardona is matching Myers and they come face to face before hugging. Kiss makes them butt heads before Major Players toss Kiss out. Heath is #16 and hits KiLynn with his finisher but Myers quickly throws him out. #17 is Frankie Kazarian and he plants Myers with a slingshot DDT. Cardona is almost tossed out by Kaz before Myers clotheslines Kaz.

#18 is Rich Swann and he goes after Myers. #19 Jonathan Gresham and he goes after several people including Kazarian. Gresham pushes Jody Threat off the apron. #20 is Dirty Dango but he gets eliminated right away by Something. Oleg attacks Something and security intervenes. Major Players toss out Kazarian. Gresham tries to throw Swann out but Cardona bumps him out instead. Cardona bumps EY off the apron. Myers throws Gresham out.

Major Players hit Something with a suplex. Jake hits running clotheslines in the corners on Major Players. Myers low blows Something and Major Players toss him out. Cardona throws out Myers. Final four is Cardona, KiLynn, Bully, Grace. Bully clotheslines King as Grace tosses Cardona. Jordynne and Bully start the singles match. Bully goes for a top rope senton but Grace rolls away. Bully goes for an elbow drop but misses. Grace goes for more back fists and then lands the Jordynne lands the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Jordynne gets on the mic and calls her shot for Hard to Kill in January.

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