Thu. May 30th, 2024

Regarding the new Tesla’s design, we still have no idea what it looks like, but Musk has given us some insight into this, too.

“It’s not meant to fill you with awe and magic,” said the Tesla boss of the upcoming EV’s design. “It’s to get you from A to B.” He further described it as having a “cool” and “beautiful” yet “utilitarian” design.

Besides its first truck, none of Tesla’s cars can be described as having groundbreaking designs, but their clean styling cues generally age well and haven’t stopped people from flocking to buy them. Consider the Model S, which still looks remarkably fresh, considering it’s not drastically different from the car that arrived over a decade ago.

Tesla’s new EV doesn’t yet have a defined release date, and no further specifications were shared. Despite its positioning in Tesla’s lineup, it will come with advanced self-driving technology, with Musk previously saying it will mainly operate as an autonomous vehicle.

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