Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

In all seriousness, the speakers in this patent are mounted low down because that’s where road noise comes from. Low noise, vibration, and harshness levels are to be expected when you drop $400,000 on a luxury performance SUV.

The Purosangue is one of the most aerodynamic SUVs in existence, so wind noise (not passing wind) isn’t a problem. However, it is equipped with staggered 22-/23-inch wheels front and rear, and the tires have a shallow profile. There are also aftermarket kits that increase the wheel size to 24 inches.

These kinds of wheels tend to make a lot of noise, coming directly from the lower body (of the car, that is). That’s why the loudspeakers are actually mounted that low. It’s nice to know that Ferrari is working toward making its cars more comfortable while working on new patents to make them even faster in the hands of noobs.

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