Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Previous research has revealed that 75% of new SUVs in the UK are registered to people living in urban areas, which again suggests that these vehicles are not being bought out of necessity. This is not a new phenomenon in the nation, as Brits have even come up with a name to describe flashy SUVs that never venture off paved roads: Chelsea Tractors (referencing the affluent London borough).

In a nutshell, the study claims that a larger portion of the car-buying populace is buying big SUVs than ever before, and because these machines are far heavier than the sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons that buyers would have previously purchased, the average new car bought in 2023 is more polluting than the average car in 2013.

SUVs require loads more materials and upkeep to produce and maintain, and that’s especially wasteful if these vehicles are being used for no more than a trip to the tanning salon. People are buying the Land Rover Defender in droves when a VW Golf would better suit their needs and be kinder to the planet.

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