Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

A WOMAN was left in tears after her supermodel-inspired tattoo went horribly wrong – and now she has to fork out thousands to remove it.

Taking to TikTok, the customer from Sweden showed off her not-so-discreet “meow” ink that left viewers in stitches.

The excited customer waiting to be tatted, unaware that she was moments away from a tattoo nightmareWOAHDUDE

refer to caption.She wanted a tattoo simlar to Kendall Jenner’s, which you can only see when you pull the lip down[/caption]

In a clip posted to @WoahDude, the excited woman can be seen sitting in the tattoo chair while an artist prepares his tools.

She has her hands framing her face as she nervously smiles at the camera, awaiting her dream Kendall Jenner inspired ink.

The happy snap is captioned: “How it started vs…”, hinting to viewers that something was about to go terribly wrong.

But nothing could have prepared her for the disaster that would follow her seemingly trendy tattoo request.

The clip then cuts to a snap of the unidentified woman in tears, with her eyelashed clumped together as she wrote: “How its going,” followed by a series of distressed and crying emojis.

On her lip the word “MEOW” can be scrawled in thin black ink, but it is shockingly placed on the outside of her lip – rather than the inside where Kendall Jenner’s is.

She can then be seen screaming and crying in a car, with the large tatt on full display.

Desperate for her lips to be returned to their original state and rid of the horror inking, she showed viewers a snap of the less visible “MEOW” after revealing she had undergone a session of laser removal.

The clip racked up over a mega 327,000 likes and over 1550 comments from viewers who were left in hysterics at the unfortunate woman’s tattoo flop.

“No because honestly how did you not notice..” asked one baffled user.

Another wrote: “This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone mess up on an inside lip tattoo and it’s scary”.

“I have so many questions,” said a third.

“Excuse me WHAT how do you just left this happen,” one more added.

But it’s not the only wacky tatt that’s sent the internet into a spin recently.

A rapper who divorced his wife after having her face tattoed on his leg left fans stunned with an ink-redible cover up.

Another blundering tattoist was left red-faced after spelling the word of a client’s inking wrong.

Kendall Jenner first showed off her bizarre “meow” tattoo in 2018 after revealing she got it while she was drunk in 2016.

Before Kendall showed off her tattooed lip, the TV host asked why she chose the word “meow” but the supermodel said she didn’t give it that much thought.

Kendall said: “Literally, it was the first thing that came to my mind. My drunk thoughts!”

Instead, the client was left with MEOW scrawled on her outer lipWOAHDUDE

She was left in tears at the shocking tattoo failWOAHDUDE

The TikTok user revealed she how has to fork out for laser removal to get rid of the disaster tatttiktok/@woahdude


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