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ISRAEL today released harrowing unedited footage of Hamas terrorists slaughtering babies and families during the October 7 massacre.

The shocking move was intended to reveal the true horrors unleashed by Hamas on southern Israeli communities and put an end to any doubts raised over the scale of the atrocities.

Civilian dash-cam footage from the October 7th massacre

The footage shows a Hamas terrorist as he takes aim at two Israeli civilians

Terrorists were seen cheering as they pulled bodies onto the street

For the last two weeks, the IDF has been collecting the footage taken by Hamas terrorists during their October 7 cross-border rampage.

Today, it screened previously unseen videos to once and for all prove exactly what took place inside Israeli kibbutzim close to the Gaza border.

A tiny child being shot as she cowered under a table and a newborn baby’s body charred beyond recognition was just some of the horrifying evidence presented today.

At the live viewing, an IDF spokesperson said: “This is a crime against humanity. They killed babies, old people, sick people…we won’t allow the world to forget who we are fighting.”

The gruesome montage of bodycam footage started with the terrorists whooping and cheering as they dragged corpses onto the street.

It follows the Palestinian militants as they storm into different villages, brutally murdering families in front of one another.

In one shot, a terrorist manically beheads a man’s body with a shovel while shouting: “Allah Akhbah”.

Another clip showed a father being killed in front of his children with a grenade, while one of his sons screams “I wish I was dead”.

Pictures of burned newborn babies were also shown.

In one of the videos, a Hamas killer can be heard gloating on the phone to his mum of his murders.

He said: “I killed ten Jews with my own hands. I’m using the dead Jewish woman’s phone to call you now.” The mother replies: “May god protect you”. 

He continued: “I killed 10 Jews with my bare hands…Father, be proud of me.”

A photo of the beheaded body of a soldier was shown in the reel as well as the scene of a man cowering under a desk and being forced to shout “Alluhu Akhbar” before being shot dead.

Other footage seemingly taken at the Supernova festival massacre revealed the horror scenes of men and women screaming as they were pulled from cars.

Bloodied corpses were thrown into the dirt, while Hamas terrorists celebrated in crowds.

The footage, comprised of clips put into a 45 minute reel, was so gruesome, seasoned war reporters sobbed as it was shown.

Almost all of the videos were too graphic to be released to the public, but it’s unclear if they will be shared at a later date.

In one of the clips released to the public, dashcam footage of a windscreen shattered by bullets can be seen driving along a path lined with armed terrorists who continue to shoot at the vehicle.

The same car, shown from the camera of a Hamas shooter shows the lifeless and bleeding bodies of a male driver and female passenger slumped in the front.

In addition to the footage, chilling instruction manuals found on the bodies of killed terrorists detailed how they planned to murder as many people as possible with explosives.

Other documents revealed how to handle captives – “bind the wrists or ankles of each hostage, group binding and strict blindfolding,” they read.

One command reads: “Kill anyone that may pose a threat or cause a distraction or disturbance.”

Over 1,400 Israelis were killed when Hamas stormed across the border on October 7 by land, sea and air and unleashed pure horrors on civilians.

So far, Israel has only been able to identify around 83 per cent of the dead bodies.

Hamas currently has at least 222 hostages being held in Gaza, Israel says.

An IDF spokesperson explained to reporters the reason they were showing the footage is so the world will know why Israel is now at war. 

He said: “We want people to understand what we are fighting for. 

“This is something else. Something has happened to Israel. This is a crime versus humanity. 

“This is good versus bad. Death versus life. These [terrorists] will do anything and it’s nothing to do with Islam.

“Why did they strap GoPros to themselves? Why do they call the family of who they murdered? Because they are proud of what they did. 

“Rape – where is Islam? Burn – where is Islam? Behead – where is Islam? 

On Sunday, Israel announced their decision to release the “compilation or raw and unedited” to a collection of journalists who can “stomach the truth”.

“I can’t believe I am saying this and I can’t believe that we as a country are having to do this,” said Israeli government spokesman, Eylon Levy.

“We are witnessing a Holocaust denial-like phenomenon unfolding in real time as we people are casting doubt on the magnitude of the atrocities Hamas committed,” he stated on X/Twitter.

It comes as the IDF announced they have been staging “limited” raids inside Gaza in order to target sites where Hamas terror squads are gathering as they prepare to resist the looming invasion.

“During the night there were raids by tank and infantry forces. These raids are raids that kill squads of terrorists who are preparing for our next stage in the war.

“These are raids that go deep,” chief military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said today.

Yesterday, Israel blitzed Gaza in what is believed to be its most intense 24hr period of air strikes as their expected ground invasion looms ever-nearer.

The IDF claimed to have hit 320 targets in one day, including Hamas’s network of tunnels.

Gaza’s health ministry says more than 5,000 have been killed since Israel began its bombardment of Gaza, with 400 killed in the last 24 hours.

Today, Israel released satellite images that appear to show Hamas rocket launchers deliberately placed next to schools, a mosque and a UN building in Gaza.

Over the past two weeks, numerous evidence has emerged that Hamas has disguised its weapons under the cover of civilian infrastructure, including public buildings and residences.

The strategy makes it difficult for the IDF to locate and destroy the military targets in the densely-populated enclave without killing or hurting civilians.

Meanwhile, Israel has debuted its “Iron Sting” weapons system for the first time as its commandos mount raids inside the Gaza Strip.

Footage shows the dramatic moment the laser and GPS-guided mortar destroyed a Hamas rocket launcher as Israel steps up its aerial assaults on the besieged enclave.

Inside an Israeli car as they are shot at by the gunmen

An IDF spokesperson at today’s screening said ‘we won’t allow the world to forget who we are fighting’

A Hamas terrorist appears to check if the slumped over man and woman are dead

A car shot to pieces by the militants crashed into another car


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