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ISRAEL says it will today release the gruesome unfiltered bodycam videos of Hamas terrorists slaughtering babies and families during their October 7 massacre.

The unprecedented move is intended to reveal the true horrors unleashed by Hamas on southern Israeli communities and counter any persisting claims the atrocities did not take place.

A Hamas terrorist holds two kidnapped Israeli toddlers in his arms in footage allegedly taken during their October 7 attacks

EPAA home burnt and destroyed in Kfar Aza, where 40 babies are said to have been slaughtered and even beheaded[/caption]

AFPIsraeli soldiers stand over body bags of Israeli troops killed while liberating Kfar Aza[/caption]

For the last two weeks, the IDF has been collecting the footage taken by Hamas terrorists taken during their cross-border rampage.

Today, it will screen the previously unseen videos in a shocking move to once and for all prove exactly what took place inside Israeli towns and villages close to the Gaza border.

“I can’t believe I am saying this and I can’t believe that we as a country are having to do this,” said Israeli government spokesman, Eylon Levy.

“We are witnessing a Holocaust denial-like phenomenon unfolding in real time as we people are casting doubt on the magnitude of the atrocities Hamas committed,” he added on X/Twitter.

Levy stated that a “compilation or raw and unedited” captured on the “death squads’ body cams” on October 7 will be shown to journalists who can “stomach the horrific truth”.

In the wake of the massacre which left 1,400 Israelis dead, scenes of unimaginable horror were discovered across towns and villages invaded by Hamas terrorists.

In just one kibbutz, Israel said the terrorists slaughtered 40 babies and kids, with some found beheaded.

Entire families were brutally beheaded, burned alive or shot dead in their homes in Kfar Aza, a village close to the Gaza border that was held for two days by the Palestinian militants.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself posted a harrowing photo of a child’s bed soaked in blood from inside the kibbutz.

In a second settlement nearby, Be’eri, horrifying images were released by Israeli rescuers that showed a blood-drenched nursery.

In the kibbutz – where several Britons were killed – they reportedly found at least 20 children and babies tied up and burned.

A commander of an emergency response unit even claimed he found an Israeli woman with her womb sliced open and her unborn baby stabbed.

“We see a pregnant lady on the floor, and we turn her around…and the stomach is wide open, there’s an unborn baby connected to the cord, stabbed with a knife, and the mother shot in the head,” Yossi Landau told i24News.

“Terrorist’s were sitting and eating while they were torching the kids,” the traumatised first responder added.

Not long after their October 7 attack, Hamas released a sickening video that showed them clutching kidnapped babies and toddlers.

Documenting their own crimes, it shows the terrorists holding up Israeli kids to the camera as they cry and rocking babies in prams during their rampage.

On the weekend, The Sun visited a now deserted Israeli town once home to 27,000 where Hamas mercilessly butchered families.

In Sderot, Israeli troop used bulldozers to liberate the town, but fears persist that some terrorists are still holed up in the ghostly area, waiting to strike again.

It comes as Israel released satellite images that appear to show Hamas rocket launchers deliberately placed next to schools, a mosque and a UN building in Gaza.

Over the past two weeks, numerous evidence has emerged that Hamas has disguised its weapons under the cover of civilian infrastructure, including public buildings and residences.

The strategy makes it difficult for the IDF to locate and destroy the military targets in the densely-populated enclave without killing or hurting civilians.

Meanwhile, Israel claims instructions on how to make chemical weapons, including cyanide bombs, were found on the body of a dead Hamas terrorist.

“It’s al Qaeda material. Official al Qaeda material. We are dealing with ISIS, al Qaeda and Hamas,” president Isaac Herzog told Sky News.

Over the weekend, Israel blitzed Gaza, the West bank and Syria as the embattled country intensified its air strikes.

Over 4,651 Palestinians have been killed in the aerial strikes so far, of which 40 per cent are reported to have been children.

The heavy bombardment is assumed to be the precursor to the long-awaited ground invasion of Gaza amid Israel’s ongoing efforts to wipe out Hamas.

The IDF also claimed to have struck a “terrorist cell” inside Lebanon last night.

They said they destroyed infrastructure targets, including anti-tank missile launchers and a military compound.

“The terrorist cell was planning to carry out an anti-tank missile launch towards the town of Shlomi,” the IDF said.

For days, Israel has been on the verge of launching a ground offensive in Gaza, with tanks and tens of thousands of troops massed at the border.

A baby’s car seat and child’s dress covered in blood in the aftermath of the horrific Hamas attack on October 7

southern first respondersA blood-stained nursery inside Be’eri kibbutz where dozens of kids were slaughtered[/caption]

AFPBlood is seen on the walls of a room inside the Kfar Aza Kibbutz where dozens of Israelis were massacred[/caption]

southern first respondersAn overturned pram pictured on the street[/caption]

AFPMore pictures of destruction inside Kfar Azar where whole families were butchered by Hamas[/caption]

An upset IDF soldier in Kfar Aza who was confronted with scenes of unimaginable horror


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