Sun. May 26th, 2024

HARROWING footage has emerged of a great white shark stalking a pair of children splashing and playing only a few feet away.

Recently re-emerged drone footage left viewers holding their breath as the killer fish made its way closer and closer to the juveniles.

TRD / The Rogue dronerThe shark was only metres away from the children playing in the water[/caption]

Taken at the stunning Tuncurry Beach in New South Wales, the children are seemingly unaware of the danger only metres away from them in the water.

But the beast clearly decided the children were not on the lunch menu, and moved away, mercifully leaving the kids alone.

The 2019 footage has left viewers amazed at the sheer stealth of the great white, with one viewer saying: “How effortlessly it moves through surf and currents that would render a human helpless is scary.”

Another said: “It’s amazing to see how oblivious people in the water are of what is next to them.

Sharks aren’t mindless killers. If he wanted them, he would have found a way to get them. Looked to me like he was playing around or something like that.”

Fan Shawn added: “Held my breath a couple of times there. Fantastic video.”

The Aussie beach where the footage was filmed is known to scientists as a breeding ground for great white sharks.

In 2021, local surfer Mark Sanguinetti died after he was bitten by one of the creatures at Tuncurry Beach.

In June, a similar clip taken in South Africa went viral when another great white was spotted stalking three surfers.

The 10ft beast sniffed its way towards competitors in an elite surfing championship in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa – the scene of a spine-chilling attack only years earlier.

Professional surfer Nathan Florence shared a video of the encounter – showing just how close the man-killer was to his fellow competitors. 

The drone footage shows the eerie moment the shark swims casually through a trio of the Corona Open J-Bay athletes.

The great white can be seen swimming along the coast and stalking its way towards them.

As it approaches them, a wave breaks over the killing machine – and one man surfs almost directly above the shark, apparently unaware of what is lurking below.

And only days ago, a group of fishermen nearly met their fate after shark snapped at their inflatable boat, leaving them stranded.

The harrowing shark attack and heroic rescue happened over the weekend off a coast near Perth, Australia.

Skipper Jacob Ovesby explained that the close-to-catastrophic accident happened after the group hooked a shark on Saturday afternoon.

They attempted to reel in the large predator but were met with resistance.

The shark managed to sink its teeth into the front of their small pontoon.

“We were fishing and we caught a shark, and when we brought it to the front of the boat it popped the front pontoon,” he recalled.


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