Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

A GLAM British male model who shared his jet setting lifestyle on social media has been jailed after trying to smuggle cocaine.

Modou Adams, 25, was caught with £300,000 worth of cocaine while trying to leave Lima, Peru, and has now been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Instagram /@boywholivesModou often shared glimpses into his glam life on social media[/caption]

Instagram /@boywholivesHe’s now set to serve seven years in a Peruvian prison[/caption]

The model was quickly taken into custody after nearly three kilos of the drug were discovered in his suitcase.

In just 24 hours, he was sent to trial and sentenced to seven years in a Peruvian prison – just like the “Peru Two” were in 2013.

Anti-drug prosecutor Lincoln Fuentes suggested he may have done the crime previously: “The first time he had already taken drugs, probably in the same way, because it was with a prepared suitcase.”

The model shared glimpses into his glamorous London life on social media often before his arrest.

Photos on his Instagram show him in front of a luxury hotel in Greece, visiting Los Angeles and at a stunning Spanish beach.

Just weeks before his arrest, the fashion trendsetter shared photos of him at London fashion week.

The last post on his social media accounts show the model posing by Machu Picchu in Peru.

One fan said: “You are living the travelling dream.”

Modou replied: “Life is a dream always.”

A fan more recently replied to Modou’s post and said: “Not anymore… I don’t think those South American prisons are the place to be.”

Local Peruvian media reported that Modou had been working as a “donkey”, transporting cocaine between countries in exchange for a cut of the profit.

Many Brits have been arrested while attempting to smuggle the drug out of Peru – in 2018, a man was caught trying to take 70lbs of the drug.

Sean Woods had attempted to take nearly £4.5million worth of cocaine out of Peru.

Two of the most notorious Brits known for smuggling are the “Peru Two“, who were jailed for drug smuggling in 2013.

Northern Irish national Michaella McCollum and Scot Melissa Reid were both 20 years old when they were arrested in August 2013 at Lima Airport.

They travelled to Peru on August 15 and were caught trying to leave the country with 11kg cocaine worth £1.5 million at Lima Airport just two days later.

They were caught by customs officers carrying the Class A drug ahead of a long-haul flight to Madrid, Spain.

It was later reported they were paid just £4,000 each to smuggle the drug.

Instagram /@boywholivesModou was caught while trying to leave the country[/caption]

Instagram /@boywholivesThe fashionable model will now be donning an orange jumpsuit[/caption]

Instagram /@boywholivesHe had tried to smuggle more than £300k worth of cocaine[/caption]


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